Garbage Fluid

out of place pine branch

2 truck related items this morning.

The first item shouldn’t need to be voiced, but I will say them anyway. The bed of my truck is not a garbage can! Numerous times I have parked my truck somewhere, only to return and find someone’s garbage tossed into the back. Beer cans, pop bottles, gum wrappers, and empty drinking cups are only a few examples. Are you really that lazy? 99% of the garbage found has come from when I am parked downtown. This means that the dumper is pretty close to a garbage can. It can’t be that much of a hardship to carry your refuse another block or two is it? Frustrating.

The other item, is that while returning from yesterdays boarding trip, I had a weird sensation at one point. I sensed something was up with my truck, so I scanned the dash board to see what was wrong. No red lights, or warnings (except the low washer fluid), and the temp and oil pressure were fine. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it. The odometer read 100000! Weird. It was pretty cool to see it at exactly one hundred grand, but the circumstances were a little odd. One 123 km’s more, and I will have driven the truck 100000 kms myself. Not bad for a 98. Oh, and I booked it in for its next servicing (not that you care).