Internal Wedding

Aphro asleep on my lap

Wow, what a great weekend. Very revitalizing. This weekend seemed much longer than it really was. Thursday night I went to Nanaimo for dinner with my mom and sister. Friday morning I drove back to Victoria for work. This little excursion messed up my internal clock. When the work day was over on Friday, I didn’t know which way was up!

Friday night I stayed home and did a little bike maintenance. It is definitely time to get some new bushings for my Fox rear shock. The is a slight clunk when I lift on the saddle, and it is definitely coming from the connection of the shock to the frame. I also did a little work on my front fork. It was in dire need of a top up of fork fluid which I purchased from this shop.

Saturday morning was the photo club. I forgot to mention in my other post that I received a :fuck: parking ticket! I purchased parking time, placed the receipt face up on my dash, then closed up my truck. Turns out, the receipt had slid down my dash, beneath the tinting on my windshield. It was pretty windy that morning, and I wonder if a breeze blew it down the dash. Crap, this is the second time that has happened! $25 down the drain. Grrr!

Saturday afternoon was Todd and Jennifer’s wedding. Very nice ceremony at St Ann’s Academy, and an absolutely wonderful reception at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

Sunday. What can I say about Sunday. I didn’t really do much yesterday. I was a little hung over, and basically lazed around the house all day. I did take Yoshi to the park for a walk while it was warm and sunny, so that was good.

Monday morning I awoke and felt awesome. I am refreshed revitalized, and ready to tackle the week. Isn’t that what a weekend is for?

In a nutshell, that was my weekend.