Little Burning

nice air mike!

nice air shane!

This morning was a fine ride out at the dump. Shane, Darryll, Mike, myself, and a visiting Stuart all headed out for a spin. It was a little warm, but it was still great to be out there. We took our time heading up, and had lots of fun playing on logs and such.

Our route up was Skull, then Inventive, then up to C-Section. After the Switchbacks, we tracked along Twister, then up to Phase Two, then Dave’s Line. Right at the start of Hot Cherry Stuart had to take off. My back was starting to really bug me so I showed him the way back to the lot.

It was a great ride, and I couldn’t help but notice that I was feeling in pretty good shape. I climbed some hills that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to climb. Not only that, but my legs weren’t burning. Something I am doing has certainly helped, and I am loving it.

Without further adieu, here are my pics.