Wiggly Photographer

yoshi taking a quick breather

After riding, I got home to a very anxious Yoshi. He was all wiggly and annoying because he wanted his turn to play. He needed to get out for a run in a big way, and I didn’t take him riding due to the heat wave we are experiencing. What am I to do. I was exhausted, but the dog needed a walk.

I took him for a walk.

We headed down to Macaulay Point Park and he ran around while I walked slowly. Very, very slowly.

the Stennis

We saw the Stennis which was parked (what is the correct term anyway?) just off the shore. Amazing site. I would love to be able to get a little closer and take some really cool pictures.

Continuing the walk Yoshi ran lots, and lots and lots. Funny dog. At one point I stopped to sit on a bench while he scampered about and chewed on sticks. Strange thing happened while I was sitting there. A crow high up in a tree was cawing at Yoshi for a minute or so, then, as I watched, it swooped down, buzzed within 5 feet of him, circled up, and buzzed him again. The crow then flew back to its tree and continued its noise making.

Me being the photographer that I am, hoped the crow would attempt it again. It did! Below is the shot I got. You can see the black shadow of the crow as it got quite close to the oblivious Yoshi.

yoshi getting buzzed

The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful, and still slow. Very, very slow. I saw some butterflies that I wanted to take some pics of, but every time I moved towards them they flew off. As I was wrapping up the walk, a butterfly came along, and perched on a leaf long enough for me to fire off one shot. Cool!

There are a few more pics here.