Smokey Shards

shards of smokey bone

In honor of Yoshi’s birthday I bought him a new smokey bone, and gave it to him at lunch time. I then left and went back to work.

When I got home, all I found was the above shards. Ack, smokey bones are not supposed to shatter. Suede and I were quite worried. A large percentage of the bone was missing! We quickly called the vet, and scoured the house for the missing parts. The vet suggested that we just needed to watch him closely. Yoshi would either pass the pieces up, down, or they would get lodged. Not good news.

We have been watching him all weekend, and nothing about him seems different, so we are hoping we made it through this one. Scary though. Some of the pieces were very sharp, and I am still concerned that he may have cut something on the inside. One positive is that when Yoshi eats his food he does chew it thoroughly, so maybe the pieces he consumed were small enough to not pose a harm. Keep you fingers crossed.