Sendoff 2004

This is my sendoff to 2004. It was a great year that held many suprises and some big changes for me. Photographically speaking I am quite happy with how I have progressed. I fell my signal to noise ratio of pictures is getting better.

January Favorite
An awesome snow walk with Yoshi and Digger. I woke up extra early that morning for some unknown reason so I took the dogs to the off leash park for first tracks.

February Favorite
One of my most favorite riding photos from 2004. Taken at Broom Hill, I managed to freeze Shane in the air like I had intended.

March Favorite
Sue and I up at Point no Point. This was taken right before I asked Sue to marry me.

April Favorite
Cheena. May she rest in peace. This was Suede’s dad’s dog.

May Favorite
Some flowers on my front porch right after a lovely rain shower.

June Favorite
This is spook, Suede’s mom’s cat. This was right after Pat arrived home with her new puppy. The cat was a little “spooked” and climbed up here for saftey from the pup.

July Favorite
Taken at Christ Church Cathedral, this shot just speaks to me. The slight off axis tilt, the color, the composition.

August Favorite
Reflections have been big with me lately. This boat caught my fancy, and since the water was so calm, the reflection was quite intense.

September Favorite
A fluke that I spotted this shot. Originally I was shooting across the street from Esquimalt City Hall. As the sun was seting I headed back to my truck and cought this super shapr shadow.

October Favorite
Suede and I enjoying a beautiful suinset on our Mexican cruise.

November Favorite
A lucky catch on morning before work. This sunrise is facing east off the deck of the house we are renting. I had to stand inside, and hold the camera over my head since it was raining, and I wasn’t dressed to go out in it.

A wonderful photographic experience. The photoclubmet early one morning to catch a sunrise. After waiting for what felt like an eternity in near freezing temps, we witnessed a spectacular sight. The clouds in front added a lot of drama to the shots from that morning.