Firefly Clunk

This almost went under Morons in our Midst, but decided against that.

While in a parking lot, someone ran into me. Actually, she backed into the front end of the Firefly.

I had pulled into the parking lot of Spinnakers and waited while the lady backed out of her spot. As she pulled forward I followed, but then she stopped. She couldn’t make a corner, so she backed up. She was looking over her shoulder and saw that I was there. I backed up a little so she had more than enough room, and she continued backing up.

By this point I had stopped, and she had plenty of room to get around the corner, yet she continued in reverse. As she started to get too close for comfort I honked. I guess this scared her, or caught her off guard because it appeared he sped up (still in reverse). I think she accidentally hit the gas.


The truck’s bumper slid over the car’s bumper, and the hood crumpled up a couple inches. Crap.

She pulled ahead and off to the side. I got out of the car to survey the damage. When I looked up the truck was gone! I scanned the area and saw she was pulling around into the parking lot again.

I moved my car out of the way and talked to the ladies boyfriend who saw the whole thing. Apparently she was having a bad day, and this was the topper. We exchanged information, and I popped the hood. The damage was pretty minimal actually. The hood was bent, and one part caved in a little, but it was all cosmetic. Also, one headlight had a bracket broken which leaves the headlight a little floppy. I managed to pretty much bend the hood back into shape, but it still looks a little busted. The headlight will need to be fixed though.

I am hoping the cost of the headlight will be under $100, and that she will just cover it. I think I got all her info too, so that is a good thing. I am going to call around tomorrow and see if I can track down a headlight.

Sigh, hard to call someone a moron when they are already having a bad day.