Magical Dropping

something about this post should be pretty and nice

What is the magical date that turns people into from nice, easy going Victorians, into crazed, maniacal drivers with no regard for others on the road?

Why does it always seem to occur right after Halloween?

Why do people return to normal after Christmas?

Why are people such fucks during the “holiday season”?

It drives me nuts. Today I encountered some of the most inconsiderate driving I have seen since last Christmas. Cutting people off, running red lights while oncoming traffic is trying to clear the intersection, taking up multiple parking spots, cutting people off in parking lots, not driving on the correct side of lanes in a parking lot, coming up on someone’s bumper while they were trying to parallel park (this happened to me), and not letting people merge in nicely. Those are all things I witnessed today while dropping off movies, and making a quick stop at Canadian tire. I was out of the house for just over an hour!

Holy crap. No wonder I hate Christmas shopping. I will have to deal with this more often, until Christmas is over. Rrrg. Perhaps now I will get my butt in gear and finish my shopping early this year.