Salmon Club

the Salmon Kings in action

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Sox and I headed up to Nanaimo to pick up our new car. Very cool. We did a little test on the way home. We both filled up before leaving Nanaimo, then filled up again in Victoria. The CRV used half the gas that the truck does. Holy crap what a difference. Nice car to drive too. Maybe Sox will let me drive her car some time. 😉 Just kidding babe.

Sox getting dressed for a night out.

After getting back to Victoria, eating dinner, we got ready to go to a Salmon Kings game. The game was very enjoyable. Definitely a step up from the Salsa, and I enjoyed every Salsa game I saw. Lots of action, some good goal scoring. With the game tied at the end of the third, I couldn’t wait. I headed for the washroom, hoping to be back before they hit the ice. In the can I heard them take the ice. 10 seconds later there was a large cheer as they scored the winning goal. All the guys in the can cursed their luck (myself included). I missed the winning goal, but still thought the game was great.

Pics are here.

After that we headed out to the Canoe club for drinks and food. Way cool time.