Kicking Fish

In my last fish related post I mentioned that Stumpy had disappeared. He turned up a couple days later, but he didn’t make it. The big mean Barb is still kicking fin and is knocking off the other fish.

I don’t know what to do with this fish. I don’t want him any more since he is so aggressive. Any time I get more Tiger Barbs this guy chases them relentlessly until they die from exhaustion. Grr.

Before I went away on vacation the snail died too. I noticed it hadn’t moved in quite a few days, and when I bumped him with the net, the snails covering fell off and the shell was empty. Very weird. The snail had completely dissolved.

So, what to do with the tank? I want to restock the fish, but I’m afraid the barb will just end up killing them. Yesterday I headed out to Petsmart to get a few things and to get some advice. The lady there suggested that I give the barb away using UsedVictoria. Then get more fish once it is gone. I think I will give that a shot.

Once that fish is out of the way I can go on with stocking the tank with new and different fish.