Searching Wallet

This morning ended a rather trying 24 hours. Yesterday morning I wanted to do some running around. I made my list, prepared Sprout, grabed my keys and wallet … wait. Where is that wallet?

My wallet was not in its usual spot, and that is pretty strange for me. I began searching the house top to bottom. No sign of it. I looked in the laundry, in the bathroom, the bedroom, rooms my wallet really should not be in. No signs of it anywhere.

Last time I remembered seeing it was at work. Off to Oak Bay. Nope. We were at Kaptain K’s for dinner, so I called over there. They had not seen it. Back home there was more searching by the entire family. Could not find it. I even went back to work a second time and scoured my office.

I gave up the search for dinner, and decided I was stressed enough and didn’t want to keep looking. As we were climbing in to bed Sox asked me when I would call and cancel all the cards. In my mind it must have fallen out of my pocket, and I wanted to give the locater time to get it back to me. I decided Monday morning I would call the banks and cancel the cards.

As I was drifting off to sleep I was still thinking of more places to look. An odd one popped into my mind: in the closet under Sox’s hanging clothes.

This morning after breakfast I looked in that spot, and as I peeled back the clothes, there was my wallet! Weird. I really have no idea how it got there, but it may have been sitting on some clothes, and as they were picked up it bounced under the clothing, neatly hidden from sight.

It got me thinking about all the cards I have in my wallet. I don’t have an inventory of what’s there and what phone numbers to call. Perhaps I should make such a listing.