Book Bet

Friday night I had some friends over for a poker night.

I recently read Phil Gordon’s Little Green book and I liked a lot of the things he said in the book. I was eager to try out some of what I had learned.

The night started off well for me. I remembered a few of the techniques laid out int he book and tried to stick to the plan. One of the things I need to work on is remembering how people play certain hands. Typically for me, once a hand is done, it is quickly forgotten. I am going to work on this.

The first few hands went well and I was happy with my play. On one hand I found that I had pocket jacks. I made a decent bet pre-flop and all folded except one friend who I had never played against before and he called. On the turn, nothing spectacular showed up. I was first to act and made another bet. He raised me.

Now I had a decision. Did he have a hand? No flush was possible yet, same with a straight. He either had a pocket pair better than mine, or trips. Hmm. Maybe he had nothing and was bluffing. I really had no idea since we were only a couple hands in and I didn’t really know what kind of player he was. I ended up folding and waiting to get more information on him.

After a few rounds I was sitting pretty good. I kept with the strategy and managed to keep raking in some good pots. Near the end of my run I guessed that I was up at least $15 (the buy in was $20).

From there it was a slow decline as my card luck fizzled. I was dealt so many J2 combos it was incredible. I played a couple of them when it was cheap to see the flop, but otherwise I folded them.

For the last hand I got an A6 suited. I decided to play the last hand, and unfortunately my strategy went out the window. I kept chasing the pot when I should have folded much earlier. I was up against a co-worker and eventually came to my senses, but not before I lost most of my profit. At the end of the night I was up $2.10. Sheesh.

Next time I will stick to my strategy, pay attention more, and try to remember how people play hands. Still, it was a very fun time with a great group of people.