Appease Yoshi

Today I decided to try and appease Yoshi by leaving something out for him to chew on. He has been getting worse and worse since we moved and he has started wrecking toys, books, and CD’s. Already we clean up as much as we can, and leave Yoshi toys out for him. Apparently this is not enough though.

Today, as an experiment, I left a yoghurt container out fully expecting him to destroy it.

Sure enough, he did. What I hadn’t counted on was it thrashing his gums. Several of the pieces had dried blood on them. Sorry Yoshi.

When I went to get Yoshi his dinner I then discovered another surprise downstairs. The lid to his food container was open. I know he had gotten into it once before since our dog walked caught him in the act. Sure enough he didn’t touch his dinner. I am pretty sure I didn’t leave the lid open, but there is a slim possibility I didn’t close it. Or maybe I didn’t close it all the way and he nudged it open enough to prop the lid up. I don’t know.

When Sox is back in town I think I will try getting up early to walk him more and see if that has an effect on his destructive tendencies.