Shoved Bluffing

Last night was my first poker game in a while. I don’t feel like I played all that well all night. There were definitely quite a lot of mistakes that I made that cost me dearly. I MUST MUST MUST keep looking at the board and thinking about what possible hands my opponents might have. All too often I get fixated on my hand and don’t think about other hands that will beat me.

I got lucky a few times too. There was one pot where I was dealt pocket 8’s. Not a stellar hand, but I had a decent enough position to put out a strong bet and got a lot of folds. One person stayed in. After the flop, nothing helped so another strong bet to try and scare him off. He came over the top enough that if I just called I would have been left with only a few big blinds, so I shoved all in. He called and when we showed our cards, he had pocket 9’s. I sucked out on the river though and got another 8 to beat him.

Something similar happened when I was dealt something like an A10 hand. Me and one other in the pot, and on the flop I paired my A and won.

One hand I felt like I played well, I was dealt pocket 9’s. I made a set on the flop, and only one other was in the pot still. On the turn I ended up with a full house, 9’s over 3’s. I looked carefully at the board. No flush was possible, and no straight was possible so I knew I was in the clear of a straight flush. My goal was to get as many chips into the pot as possible, and I felt like I did that well.

Over the rest of my night I kept getting hands like K2, A6, J4. Very frustrating. What closed out my night was a flush though. I made a flush, and on the board was a J and an A. There was only 2 cards to beat my 10 and my opponent had one of them when I was all in. I honestly contemplated whether he had the Q or K, then decided to gamble that he was bluffing. The person I was up against is a very good player and rarely can I beat him in a hand. His reads are so good that when I bluff he calls, and when I have something he folds. Sometimes though I just wonder if he is bluffing. I took the chance and lost.