LOTD – Horribly Addictive

ant war!Well, this little gem is very simple, not really a lot of fun, but still horrbily addictive.

Prepare for Ant War!

You control the destiny of a colony of ants. Each day you choose their activity, and attempt to create the largest colony that you can.

Warning though, you do have the option to save your game, but you must first sign up with the site, then Pay $0.50 per save using PayPal. I am not sure how much it would cost to load a game (if anything).

I Like New Toys

my new cell phoneIt was time to get a new Cell Phone. My trusty tri-mode StarTac was really starting to bite. The case was cracked, the antenna broken, and the buttons made these awful sticky, crackly noises.

I did a little shopping trip last night, and picked up a new LG TM520 from Future Shock.

So far I really like the phone. I has a lot of nice features, is small, light, and pretty easy to move to.

I really like the voice activated dialing.

Ma’ Nature’s Grandeur

I love west coast storms. The power behind them is humbling. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I have walked on a beach during a storm. The pounding surf, the howling wind, the relentless rain. They remind me of how powerful nature is.

It is humbling because no matter how strong you are a good storm can still push you around.

I awoke this morning to an excellent wind storm. Hearing the gusts pick up, hearing them hit the house, feeling the house shake ever so slightly. Amazing. It makes me feel good to be alive.

The rain tends to sting when it hits my face during a good gust. My legs feel really light when there is a tail wind. Walking is such a chore in a good head wind.

Storms are so dynamic, ever changing, chaotic. Maybe that is their appeal.

Doesn’t really matter. I almost always enjoy them.

Happy New Year and all that Jazz

I just wanted to take some and wish the readers Happy New Year. 2002 was a great year for me. Lots of excellent changes in my life. I hope 2002 was as good to you as it was to me.

Here is hoping that 2003 is even better.

An update on my holidays. The whirlwind tour of BC is over. Dec 24 Sue and I headed to Nanaimo for Xmas. It was great to be at mom’s relaxing and eating goodies. On Dec 27 we got up early (5 am) , and started our marathon trip to Nelson. Driving through horrendous conditions, we arrived sometime around 9 pm tired and weary, but in one piece.

While in Nelson we spent time with Sue’s family doing many cool activities (no pun intended). On the 28th we went to a lake just outside of town. I went tobogganing (sp?) while others went skating on the lake. Later a game of hockey got started. The whole time Yoshi ran around through the snow.

On the 29th I got to go snowboarding. This was my first time in interior powder. It was delicious. There must have been 30 cm of fluffyness covering a good base. The first couple runs were amazing, and after that the pow started to get tracked out. We had to head into the trees to find the good stuff. What an amazing day.

On the 30th, I went tobogganing again, but in town this time. Later in the day Sue, Sue’s mom, Yoshi, and I took a walk through the town Cemetary. Very neat. There was a large section of soldiers that had died near the end of WWI. After that walk, Sue and I then took a stroll through the town poking through some of the shops. Great fun!

Dec 31 saw us on our return trip. We left Nelson around 8 pm, and got to Tsawassen around 6:30 pm. The return trip was much better since the roads were in really good condition. We hit the buffet for dinner of course, then hit the hay around 10:30. We were woken up at 12:00 and heard the partiers in the ‘hood banging pots and pans, bringing in the new year in style.

Jan 1 was a much deserved rest day, and now I am back at work, attempting to resume a normal life.

That pretty much sums up the last week.

I am getting stressed out.

And so are the rest of the people “out there”. I admit that I am always amazed at the complete stupidity of drivers out on the roads. From driving too fast, to changing lanes without signaling, to tailgaiting, to being completely clueless.

I have a lot of respect for those that have to deal with these morons of the road. Yes I have respect for bus drivers, couriers, and even taxi drivers.

However, when they start driving moronically, I really get angry.

Lately I have had many incidents with moronic drivers. I think the holidays drive people insane. Todays was with a bus driver.

I was travelling along Douglas towards work, and I was in the left lane doing 50 (like a good little driver). I wanted to be in the right lane, so I slowed to their speed, put on my turn signal, then moved over with plenty of space to spare. I happened to pull in front of a school bus.

The street I wanted to turn off onto was coming up so I put on my turn signal, and started to slow down. I checked my rear view, and noticed that the school bus was rapidly gaining on me. By this time I was braking so my brake lights were on (and my turn signal still on). As I started my turn, the school bus behind me layed on his horn.

Why? Because he is a moron. Either he thought I cut him off earlier, or he wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing in making my turn (more likely).

I hold bus drivers and big rig drivers to a higher standard when it comes to their driving. They have many more people lives in their hands. When something like this happens, all I can do is shake my head and hope they get a good rest over the holidays.

Spam, spam, spam, and more spam, spam, spam.

Spam SuxI have always loathed spam. I think it is despicable, and completely counter to what the Internet used to be. I remember the good old days when backgrounds were grey, text was black, links were blue, and frames didn’t exist. Selling stuff on the Internet at that time was poo-pooed upon. My how times have changed.

And so have spammers. I got some spam this morning. What a gross taste. What got me was their disclaimer:

xxxxxxx.com is a respectable firm and is not involved in unsolicited email sending of any kind. Our strict policies forbid any spam activities and you are receiving this email because you, or someone on your behalf have opted-in to one of our online services, or to one of our partners and expressed a direct interest in services of this category. If you would like to unsubscribe your e-mail address from our mailing list, we will do this for you. Please CLICK HERE and type in your e-mail address on the form given to you.

Hmmm, I know I didn’t sign up for their “services”, so that must mean that or someone on my behalf did. Noone that knows me would sign me up. My best guess is that some email harvester got my email address, and on my behalf expressed interest the the spam senders. Like I said, very despicable. To me this is such an obvious way to get around laws preventing spam.

I hate spam.

‘Tis the season.

Fa la la la la, la la la la (or something like that). It is the holiday season, and once again I feel the crunch. I have been to two Christmas paries this past weekend (one of them hosted by Sue and I). This coming weekend is chock full of holiday things to do. The tree is up, the lights are strung. Hmmm, what else?

Oh yeah, purchasing thoughtful gifts. Hmmm. Today is the 10th. If I do my calculations left that means I have 15 days until Chrsitmas. Since I can’t buy stuff on the 25th, that means I have 14 days to find my treasures.

Aaaaah. I better get cracking. For some reason this year I am havin troubles getting into the Christmas spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying seeing family and friends, but there is a lack of cheeriness that is missing. I dunno, I swear that time speeds up the closer I get to Xmas.

Mmmmm, subalicious

One pet project I had for the underlying code was sub topics. Not sure why I wanted this. Must be something to do with how I like to organize data.

Anywho. This code is not complete. It may not be readily apparent to you the casual reader, but it is to me.

If you are reading this, look up a little to the filed under section. There should be a subtopic there. Nifty huh? 🙂