Haircut Better

After a trip to the dentist, I decided to swing by the barber and get a quick haircut. I’ve mentioned before that who you get at the shop is a bit of a crapshoot.

As I pulled up today I first saw one guy waiting for a haircut and almost kept driving. Then I saw my favorite barber sitting in his chair reading the paper. I thouhgt I might get lucky after all.

Turns out the guy was waiting for a different barber, so I walked in, and basically got to sit down right away. 20 minutes later I was feeling much lighter and looking much better.

The question is, when I get a job, do I keep going all the way to Oak Bay, or try to find someone else?

Barber Chances

I found a decent barber that I go to that is near work. He does a good job, has a decent price, and is close to work. He has a helper that doesn’t do a very good job though. In fact, I’ve been to the helper three times now, and all three times I’ve felt like he butchered my hair.

This place doesn’t take appointments, and is first come first served by whichever barber is free. I try to go on days when the helper isn’t there, but that isn’t always successful.

Yesterday, there was a bigger problem I faced when I showed up in desperate need of a haircut. The barber shop moved recently, and the barber I like wasn’t there when I walked in. The helper I didn’t like, and some other helper I’ve never seen before were working.

I couldn’t just turn around and walk out. I didn’t want to take a chance on the new person, and I hoped the regular helper wouldn’t butcher my hair. I sat and waited my turn, and ended up with the helper I don’t like.

While I was getting trimmed I learned that the shop owner was on vacation, and I also learned the shop is way busier in their new location. This means there will be a greater chance of a helper working there whenever I go to get a haircut.

The question is what do I do? Take my chances each time I get a haircut? Should I ask the shop owner when the best time to go and get him would be? Should I try to find a new place to get a haircut? A place that takes appointments?

I know, maybe I should be like Sox and only get my hair cut twice a year!