Stormy Circle

sunrise in Victoria

Stormy day here in Victoria. I awoke to the sounds of a huge downpour. Just before leaving for work, the sun tried to come out from the clouds, and this sunrise was the result. Gorgeous! I would have liked to get better angles and better compositions on these shots, but it was still raining quite heavily when I took them, so I couldn’t go outside. Still, I like how they turned out. Later in the day the rain gave way to wind. It was pretty neat walking around downtown seeing huge columns of leaves swriling around in a circle.

sunrise in Victoria

Crashing Subject


Photography is much like a wave crashing on a rock. You choose the subject …


then aim for the subject …


and when you are all ready to take the shot …

alt text (description)

the subject strikes back! I was attempting to shoot a flying seagull. As I was panning, I felt something hit my hand. I didn’t take the shot, and when I looked, I had seagull poop on my hand, and splatter on my hoody.

Photography is dangerous!

Expecting $75 Ideas

garbage can planter

Saturday I had my 100 Ways to Sell Your Photography course. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting/hoping for. My goals did not mesh with what the instructor was teaching. I want to just go out and shoot lots of nice, interesting pictures then sell them. Most of the class was about selling your photography skills, not your pictures. Many of the ideas presented were to show photographers how to set up photo shoots, something I am not really interested in. I much prefer to wander around looking through the lens and capturing what I see.

I guess I am more interested in the artsy side of photography. Oh well, $75, and 7 hours gone. I did get a couple ideas, but nothing that I plan to implement right away.

100 Excited Pans

mmmmm, money!

Today I signed up for another course at camosun. This course is 100 Ways To Sell Your Photography. I am pretty excited by this prospect. I would love to be able to sell some of my work, sort of as a supplemental income.

If this pans out, I might end up buying a new camera! Ooooh! Nice. Plus it will give me more incentive to get out and take pictures. Something that I find fun already, but more fun if I could make money at it. I imagine that some of the ideas take a bit of work, but I am eager to get into it.

The only downside to the course is that it is a 1 day, 7 hour session! :O

Frosty Greenery

frosty morning

Saturday morning I ventured out into Sue’s mom’s backyard to explore what a frosty morning was like in the garden. It was a wonderful crisp morning, with a clear blue sky. As the sun started to come out and backlight the leaves on the willow tree, they became a brilliant green.

I wasn’t expecting to find much to shoot in the yard, but I was pleasantly surprised. One thing I desperately wanted to capture was the steam rising from the fence as the sun warmed its timber. Alas I did not want to trample the greenery below.

Here are the pics.

Composite Moon

composite moons

Saturday night there was a lunar eclipse. Ann called me and reminded me about it so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity. I had already been out shooting pictures for an hour or so with the photo club, then I went out for another couple hours later in the afternoon. I was pretty tired, and really wasn’t into going outside again. Plus I didn’t think my camera would take a very good picture of the moon. It is so small in comparison to the rest of the scene.

I went anyway (with some encouragement from Ann), and now I am glad I did. I made a little composite picture of 4 shots I took. Thanks Ann! 🙂

Dropped Chance

happy day!

I dropped my new camera off there yesterday and got them to check it all out. I just talked to Victoria Camera Service, and it was all good news. Everything checks out on it, and the only thing they recommended was to replace the light seals, so I told them to go ahead. They are a bit backed up, but the guy said a couple weeks. No problem 😛 I am just happy that there is nothing wrong with the camera. I took a chance on it, and I was a little worried, but not I am just stoked to get it back and start using it.

I wanted a professional to check it out, so that when I start using it, if the shots turn out crappy, I can blame me, and not the camera!

Zipped Information

my first SLR
I found out before yesterdays ride that there was a Camera Swap N Shop running until 3:30. After the ride I zipped home, got cleaned up and headed over to see what was left. While driving over I glanced at my watch and it read 3:30. My heart skipped a beat until I realized I hadn’t set it back yet! :O

As you may have guessed by the above pic, I bought a new camera!

It is a Yashica FX-103, and it came with the original manual. I am going to print out a new one and keep the original in a safe place.

I am pretty stoked about the camera. I got it for a great deal, but it only makes me wonder if the camera is fully functional. Walking in to the Swap N Shop, I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but I got talking to the guy, and this sounds like a good camera. When I got home I searched the net for more information on it, and I found some people selling it for $200 CDN. I got it for half that, so that further fuels my paranoia about it not working properly. I am going to buy some film today, burn off a roll tonight, and get that developed to see if it works. Cross your fingers for me. :cross: