Garbage Experience

dark and weird

I have seen the Grinch, and he is an ass. I cheated on Yoshi this morning while I was at Starbucks. A guy around my age was waiting outside with a beautiful vizsla named Leo. I asked if I could say hi to his dog and we talked about dogs for a couple minutes.

After I went inside, I saw the guy tie Leo to a garbage can, then come in to the shop to get his drinks. Some stranger walked up to Leo and reached over him to put something in the can. I guess Leo got scared, so he barked and backed up. This in turn scared the crap out of the guy because I saw him jump (a lot). Anyway, the stranger came into Starbucks muttering and cursing. “fucking dog” *grumble grumble* He then turned to the owner and said “What the hell are you leaving a dog like that alone for. Fucking irresponsible.”

😕 What?? Leo was a very sweet dog. When I said hi he was very affectionate, and very happy. I think the stranger was just pissed cuz the dog frightened him in front of a long line of people.

Anyway, bad human experience. Very nice dog experience. Merry Christmas buddy.