Wireless Documentation

leaf on rock

I returned the Bluetooth adapter I bought the other day. It was some cool technology, and it was kind of neat that I could hotsync without using the cradle, but I couldn’y get any range out of it.

I have no other wireless devices, yet the Bluetooth adapter could not reach the 15 ft or so through one wall to the living room. That meant that I would only be able to use it in the computer room, which was pointless since I might as well just use the cradle. Also hotsyncing over Bluetooth was noticeably slower than syncing with the cradle.

Surfing the net through Bluetooth was cool, and I must admit that my Tungsten T3 has a gorgeous screen (the graphics downloaded looked amazing), but again it was rather slow. I would rather walk to the computer and load the web page.

Anyway it was fun to play with. I understand better why Bluetooth hasn’t taken off the way people would like. The current implementation was a pain in the butt to figure out, and the Palm documentation was next to nothing. Since it was so complicated, when it didn’t work, I had to try and figure it out myself. That took a while, and was very frustrating (none of the setup was very intuitive, something wireless technologies need to be, for people to find them useful).

Anyway, fun experiment. Back to being wired.