Eastbound Horn

Not a stoplight nor a green light

This past Saturday Suede and I were on our way to a friends house for a party.

We stopped at the lights on Lampson to cross Esquimalt. We were heading north, and the intersection lights are a little different. The Eastbound Esquimalt road traffic gets a green with a left run arrow. Next goes the Westbound traffic, again with a left turn arrow. Finally if there is any traffic on Lampson, it will get the green.

Suede and I were in the truck on Lampson, and the Westbound traffic light had just gone red. When our light went green I checked the intersection, and noone was running the light. A split second after I started moving, Suede yelled for me to look out. Heading Eastbound, a lady had taken off from the line!

I jammed on the brakes, and with both hands layed on the horn as she crossed less than 5 feet in front of me. I saw her look up at the light, look over at me. She was scared. I left the horn on for along time to drive the point home.

She continued through the intersection and pulled over. I think my message got through to her. I put the truck into first gear, and proceeded to the party.

I have no idea why she jumped the light like that. When I started into the intersection she definitely wasn’t moving. Inattention almost caused an accident.