Immensely Nuts

Yoshi running

Today I have a free day off. I am enjoying the day immensely. I am relaxing, doing some errands, cleaning up around the house, and generally just doing relaxing things.

snowy logs on the beach

One of those things is walking Yoshi. He had a great romp at the park today, despite getting trapped and lost in a giant bramble bush (he was in pretty deep, so far I couldn’t see or hear him). It was chilly out, but I bundled up well. Now Yoshi is sleeping on the dog bed behind me snoring away. Lucky pooch.

rays of sun through ominous clouds

Lucky me too. Work was pretty nuts the past couple weeks. Today is my first day off since November 20. Time to get caught up on life. Tonight Sox and I are going to her companies Christmas Party, tomorrow Sox’s mom comes over for a visit, then Sunday we are having K and JJ join us for dinner downtown, then off to the Theatre to see Stuart McLean.

Yeah, now that is a weekend to look forward to.