Shuttle Section

My race run today was pretty good. Only one small bobble that caused me concern, and another that caused a small slippage in time. The concerning one was one of my feet slipping off the pedal while in the air during a bug jump. Yipes. Right in front of a bunch of people.

As usual it was a fun race, but I think I would have had more fun if I had done the race with some friends.

The details. I got to the race site around 10:30. I got geared up, and headed to the pit to register. After paying I grabbed my plate and got in line for the shuttle. Attaching it just as I got on the shuttle I was a little anxious. I was feeling a little tired, and not as fresh as I would have liked.

Jumping off the shuttle I made my way to the top of the course, got my armour all strapped on and set out for an easy run down. No taking chances, no pushing myself, just ensuring that I know the course and am ready for the race. No problems during the run. Previous races I have managed to crash pretty hard during my practice and I really wanted to not do that this year. Mission accomplished.

At the bottom of the course I headed back to my truck, dropped off my camelbak, ate some food, grabbed a bottle of water and a cliff bar, then headed back to the pit to get ready for the race.

I took a shuttle up and settled in for a wait. The begginers were doing their runs, and my plate number was 241. Add in the 1 minute intervls and I was in for quite a wait.

Once I saw 220 on the starting block I started getting myself psyched up for my run. I tightened up my armour, put on my jersey, and got my bike in the correct gear.

Climbing the starting block I started getting my pre-race jitters. Hearing the 20 second countdown I felt the nerves disappear. 10 seconds. At 5 seconds to go I started my stopwatch. 3 … 2 … 1 I hit hard on my pedals and started my run.

I remember the upper tree section well. I bobbed and weaved through the trees pedalling as much as I could. There was one line I didn’t hit quite right, but a quick couple pedal strokes and I was back up to speed.

I dropped onto the first fireroad crossing then down into the muddy woops section. Quickly I was through this section then into the sandy, rocky, bumpy mess that is the middle of the course. I tried to stick my lines as best I could, but going as fast as I was, I was getting bucked around quite a bit. The table tops I chickened out on, spiking the brakes beforehand to control my the amount of air I took.

After the last road crossing I geared up for the finishing chute. I almost slid out on the uphil section, but saved it, pedalled hard for the flat bit, then dropped into the berms. I got quite a shock as I almost slid out on the sandy berms, but held it together did the final drop and pedalled as much as I could across the finish line.

Overall, not a bad run. I probably could have done a little better with a newer bike, but you make do with what you have. I also noticed I didn’t push my limits during the race like I would have a couple years ago. 🙂 That is a good thing, but still a little surprising to me.

Overall a good race, but I would have liked to go a little faster 🙂 Results are up already, and I placed 33 of 68. Like I said, not quite as good as the Victoria race, but a challenge is fun too.