Classic Shots

A classic line from one of the Austin Powers movies is right after taking a bunch of pictures he tosses the camera and says …. “And … I’m spent”.  That could have been me yesterday.

I signed on to shoot a wedding yesterday, and with the rainy weather, it turned out to be pretty difficult shooting conditions.  The ceremony was inside a tent, and it was pretty cramped quarters meaning I couldn’t get to the locations I wanted to be to get the shots I wanted.  The guests were all seated too, which meant that I would be in their way while I was standing for taking my shots.

The family and wedding party shots had to be done indoors due to the rain, and I did OK with that, but was definitely out of my element.  I need more use with the flash before I do more shoots like that.

In the end though I got some good shots that I am proud of, but
I certainly lost my creativity when I started to get tired.  That is something about the photoclub, is that I never have to push myself.  When I am done taking shots, I can stop.  I couldn’t stop yesterday until I had my list of shots done.

I also underestimated how long things would take, and didn’t get enough time with just the bride and groom.

On the upside, it was a very valuable learning experience.  The location was gorgeous (Cowichan Bay), the people were wonderful, and the ceremony was beautiful.  I am going to take some notes and squirrel those away in case I shoot any more weddings.