Exploring Architecture

Back on Feb 3 Sox and the kids were at the pool which allowed me an hour of so to do some exploring of downtown Napier. I had about an hour, and I managed a really nice walk, some shopping, some exploring, and even time to sit and enjoy a coffee. It was lovely. The weather here has been spectacular to say the least. I keep hearing reports from home on the weather. Last I heard it was 7° and raining. Here a cold had is low 20’s.

I am loving the coffee here, and haven’t had a bad one yet (except the one I made recently). At home I do love a good Starbucks Coffee, but with the plethora of excellent coffee shops, I can say that I haven’t been tempted in the least to visit a Starbucks.

Napier has interesting architecture too.  There is a lot of Art Deco buildings here due to their ability to withstand earthquakes.  Apparently during the big earthquake in 1931 lots of the Art Deco buildings survived quite well. There is even an art deco festival here.