New Habits

I don’t usually set New Years resolutions and this year is no different. I recently read that a way to reframe resolutions would be to make intentions. Their definition of intention:

But, goals are external while intentions focus on the internal self and relationships to yourself and others.

Last year I made a couple health related things habits. I wanted to get better at flossing since I’ve has issues with my teeth for a long time. For quite a while I had a habit of stretching.

Then we went on vacation. I kept up with the flossing, but regular stretching fell by the wayside.

This year I intend to get better with stretching, and a few other habits around the house. I’ve needed to get my email inboxes under control for a while. My Pocket reading list is 800 plus articles. Our house quite often gets outs of control. My backlog of RSS items sometimes balloons.

I intend to get life under control and to keep on top of my health. I’m now back to using Habitica to have fun and hold, myself accountable. I’ve got regular items to tidy the house, manage my digital inboxes, stretch, do core workouts, and more. I am also wanting to eat more healthy. For this I am using Moderation

So here they are, publicly, now. My intentions.

Not a resolution, but an intention. I intend to cleanup my personal email inbox and get as close to Inbox Zero as possible. Already today I’ve unsubscribed from a half dozen mailing lists, and archived 200+ unread messages. More than 600 to go through still. It’s a start.

In no particular order, here is what I consider my 2019 Best Nine. This one consists of family, adventures, riding, giving back, photography, and Heart. It was a hard year due to losing Heart. We are grateful that during her last few weeks, she was able to spend it with us on our road trip. I did quite a lot of riding, in preparation for the Cycle of Life tour (part of giving back). I also managed to sneak in 6 blood donations in 2019 (pretty much the max you can do in a calendar year). We continued with many family traditions this year, as well as started new adventures. The final picture of the bamboo is a rekindled passion in photography. In December I tried to post a picture every day. It was fun to get back into photography’s day to look at everyday situations creatively. #bestnine #bestnine2019