Crayfish Flurry

I got my crayfish today. My co-worker brought them in a plastic bag and left it next to my keyboard. They startled me when I sat down to work. Throughout the day they flitted around in the bag in a flurry of activity.

Tonight I dropped the bag in the tank, let them acclimate to the new temp, then released them.

In all there are four of them, a really big one that likes the rock cave, then three other smaller ones that are still sorting out where they want to be. Very cool addition to the tank.

If anyone is looking for some crayfish of their own, my co-worker has lots to go to good homes. Use the contact link above if you are interested, and I can pass your information along.

Fish Power

Today I got out to PetSmart and picked out a couple more fish. I got a Sunburst Wag Platy, and a Red Long Fin Tetra. I’m still trying to get the crayfish too. Those are going to be awesome.

Tonight, for the first time since setting it up, I cleaned my new tank.

My new gravel siphon is awesome and did an excellent job. Strong sucking power meant none of the crud got backwashed into the tank. Of course, the bigger tank means more water to remove and to more water to add back. I didn’t let the water sit overnight to off-gas like I usually do. Just to do the 30% flush I needed three buckets of water. I did add some dechlorinator though. I’ll see how this water change goes, and if nothing disastrous happens, I’ll likely do the same procedure next time.

Replacement Transition

Last weekend I had a few minutes to spare, so my daughter and I headed out to Petsmart to get some new fish for the tank. Unfortunately the big Platy I had that had grown from a baby had just died. I was hoping to get some friends for him, but ended up getting a replacement.

Before visiting the store I had two Albino Cory’s, two Leopard Danio’s, and a Tequila Sunrise Guppy. I ended up buying two more fancy Guppies, and two Sunburst Platy’s. The guppies are a beautiful blue color, with bright red tails. The Platy’s are a softer orange, with a black spot on the tail, but one of them didn’t make the transition. In total I now have 8 fish in my 30 gallon tank.

The extra fish in the tank make a huge difference. The whole tank seems much more alive and full of movement. It is awesome having the bigger tank.

Now, to get those crayfish from my co-worker!

Tank Stabilized

I finally got my new tank all set up and my fish moved in. Way back at Christmas my family got me a new 30 gallon tank setup. It has been sitting in my bedroom until very recently.

Right after Christmas I got a stand, but it took until March for me to get around to setting it up. Then, while assembling the stand I had a few issues and had to wait for replacement parts. It took a couple weeks but I got them, and the tank stand got assembled.

Sometime soon after I got the supplies I needed. New gravel, new decorations, and a new gravel siphon.

Then we had to figure out where to put it. The wall we chose had out furnace thermostat on it, so we waited for the appointment with the electrician, and got him to move it. That was last week.

Monday night I got the tank centred on the wall, cleaned the gravel, set up the filter, and the heater, and plugged it all in. I definitely need more decorations, but what I have is a good start. I let everything settle for 24 hours, then, last night I moved two of my six fish in. These were my test subjects. Since they made it through the night, I moved the rest of my fish in this morning.

Once everything has stabilized I can start thinking about more fish. I am thinking maybe more guppies, or maybe a few neon tetra’s. A small school of fish would look pretty cool. A Molly might be a good fit as well. I read somewhere that a Dwarf Gourami might be a good fit.

One thing I am really looking forward too is the crayfish. A coworker has a bunch of them that have been breeding in his tank. He has offered any amount to anyone who wants them since he has too many. Apparently they look something like this.

Bad Turned

Today started off badly. A while ago a bracket for our showerhead broke, so I bought a replacement. Installing the replacement this morning I discovered it was the wrong size.

For Christmas I got a new aquarium. I bought a tank stand for it since the new tank would be much heavier. Assembling the stand this morning I quickly grew frustrated by the quality. To top it off, one of the pieces snapped, and another poked through the finish.

By this point I was in a pretty bad mood.

Then Sox wanted to go for a run, so we all piled into the car and headed to Elk lake. Beet spent the lake time in her stroller, but Sprout had fun playing in the sand, the water, and running around. After Sox’s run we stoppeed at Starbucks for a cup to go. This time with my family totally turned around my day.

Tank Explosion

One of my Cory’s died recently. I was bummed since they had been around for quite a while, and I thought they were happy and well fed. Not sure what happened.

In general the tank is doing very well. I haven’t made any changes in a while, but I think the last plant I bought came with some travellers. I am having a bit of a snail explosion right now. The other day I counted 10 different snails, some tiny (approx 2mm wide), and a couple quite large (1-2 cm long).

I like snails, but I can’t say I like them proliferating on their own. Not sure what to do about a snail explosion.

Platy Growth

Approximately two weeks ago, my big Platy died. I think it was most likely old age. I had it for quite a while. The rest of the tank is doing well though. The baby Platy is growing like crazy. He no longer hangs out in the weeds, but swims with the rest of the fish. It even feeds on the flake food when I drop it in. The Danio’s and the Guppy still do their thing, and the Cory’s still feed on the shrimp pellets.

The snail is still my favorite part of the tank. I love watching it motor around the tank and am constantly being surprised at the distances it travels between commercial breaks.

The increased sunlight of summertime brings increased algae growth so I have been cleaning the tank a little more often and a little more thoroughly.

Sprout has started helping me feed the fish too. He likes to give the Cory’s their pellet and can just reach above the rim of the thank to drop it in the water. In the next few months I will see if he wants to drop in the flake food too. I may not have to feed them all the time if my helper works out 🙂

Bolder Platy

He’s getting bigger, and bolder too. The little fish that appeared in my tank was spotted again tonight. I even managed to get a crappy picture of him. The first picture is the full grown platy, and the second is my mini platy. Very cute.

So far he seems to just hang around the plant which provides some pretty good cover. Hopefully he will continue to grow.

Darted Camouflaged

I cleaned the fish tank out again today. There was a lot of green algae growing due to the increased sunlight, and with the new Cory’s there is a lot of extra food in the rock. It was getting bad.

I cleaned the sides, removed all the decorations, and started cleaning the rocks with the gravel vacuum. I was half way done when I saw a tiny blob that I thought was a bit of rooty material from one of the plants. When I moved the vacuum to suck it up, it darted away.

Awestruck, I quickly realized that it was actually a very tiny fish. It was less than a centimetre long, orange with black fins. I think it might be a Platy. Strange thing is, I only have 1 Platy in my tank.

Of course now I can’t find the mini fish. When I could see it, I noticed it was hugging the bottom, and hiding in amongst the rock. I worry that I somehow killed it during the cleaning, but maybe it is just camouflaged really well right now.