Wave Planned

BC has been in a bit of a heat wave the last couple days. It’s been hot, but I’ve been enjoying it. Mid 30’s yesterday and today, and a little higher over the next couple days. Someone on the news called it the heat wave of a lifetime. That I doubt.

It helps that I work in an air conditioned office, and the AC actually works. This is not the case with the AC in my truck. Yesterday I had to drive Yoshi up to Duncan. He is having a vacation with my sister for the next week. The drive was very warm, and I was more concerned about Yoshi than I. All the windows were open, and even on the Max AC setting, the truck was blowing out warm air. Driving fast on the highway got the air moving enough to keep me and Yoshi cool(ish). Any time traffic was backed up and moving slowly was when it got a little much for me.

Tonight I have an Ulti game. It is supposed to be hot, hot, hot out. Not sure how I will fare, but I do plan to take loads of water. 3X as much as normal. I am drinking lots of water today, and also planning on keeping my head wet as much as possible during the game.

Thursday I have another drive planned, so hopefully it will be a little cooler by then.

Now that the warm weather is here though, I keep hearing people complain that it is too hot. This irks me since the same people complain when there is too much rain, not warm enough, not enough blue sky. What are the perfect weather conditions? Quit you’re whining and complaining. Enjoy what we have. It is gorgeous out, just a little warm.