Smash Squishy

This weekend we did our annual pumpkin smash. For a few years in a row we take the pumpkins upstairs and toss them out the window. This year we ended up waiting extra long and the pumpkins were extra squishy (except for the indestructible one). The slo-mo on the iPhone is a lot of fun.



Confusing Cones

I get it. Construction zones can be confusing. Lanes can be closed, there are new signs, people are going slow. Still, there are limits to my patience.


Today I was driving up Johnson St, crossing Wharf. The construction for the new bridge has closed a sidewalk, so the crews coned off a pedestrian area, and moved the driving lanes over accordingly. At the stop light a lady and I proceeded when the light went green, and this lady, for some reason, drifted from her right lane, over into my lane on the left. I honked as she started to drift, but this did nothing for her. She didn’t hit the brakes or even look my way. I know she could hear my horn since I was on it for a long time, and her rear passenger door was right next to my food.


Fine, she is now in my lane with some cones dividing our left lane from the right lane. Once the cones ended, and the lanes went back to normal, she then drifted back to the right lane! WTF? I shook my head a few time. At the next light she glanced at me giving me a disapproving look. *sigh* some people should not be driving.

Spewing Dangerous

I got out for a ride today. I wasn’t really feeling like riding when I work up this morning, but I had planned to ride with a friend, so went anyway. The weather yesterday was very tempermental, alternating between lots or rain, wind, sun. The day started out alright, but as I pulled into the parking lot at the dump, it started to rain again.


Quickly getting ready, we hit the trails. Neither of us were feeling that into riding, so we decided on a short loop up to Snakes and Ladders.



Coming down Snakes and Ladders, there is one sort of awkward gap jump that I had never tried before, and today I decided to give it a go. I hesitated as I approached (bad idea), but went for it any way. Turned out that hesitation cost me a bit of momentum, and I didn’t quite clear a rock. I tapped it, and when I landed hear an all together too familiar sound of air escaping. Normally getting a flat wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but this is a tubeless tire on a brand new wheel. Less than two months old.


Argh. I quickly stopped to asses the damage and was pretty dismayed by what I saw. A large gash, sealant spewing everywhere. I grabbed a tube and fixed the tire, all the while cursing myself. Soaked, cold, muddy, standing in the rain fixing a flat. Lovely. I got the wheel back together, then went to put my cold, soaking wet gloves on before deciding to ride back barehanded.


Here is the damage after cleaning up the bike back at the truck.

gash in tire


I also really need to replace the front tire too. It is badly worn, and when leaning over in hard corners I can really feel it wash out. Bad enough in dry conditions, but in the wet this is getting dangerous.


tire with missing knobs
Old front tire

Sigh, off to the bike shop this week I guess.

Weekend List

Another busy weekend gone, and I am tired, sitting on the couch thinking I should head to bed. First though, a blog post. Friday night I went out to a friends birthday parts at the Guild. Lots of fun, good drinks, lots of people I know, and great music.


Saturday I put up some shelving in Elliot’s room. This is something that has been on my list to do for a while now, and it felt good to get it crossed off.

After doing a bit of running around looking for bike rack supplies (more on that in a bit), Elliot and I went for a little ride at the dump. This was only the second time I had ever taken him there, so he was understandably tentative. He was getting off his bike at one point, slipped, and banged his knee on a rock, hard enough to draw blood. He continued on like a trooper though.

Saturday night was dinner at a friends place.


Sunday morning I was out for a long ride.


Sunday afternoon I set out to build a new bike rack. I saw some instructions on Lifehacker a while ago, and I wanted to build one. One run to Home Depot, a bit of mental figuring out, and voila! It works pretty sweet. For my road bike. It is too low for my mountain bike, but one I raise everything up three inches it will be perfect. Not bad for a weekend project.

I even had a helper for part of my project.

Component Eagle

Sue, the kids, and I took a walk on the beach by my Mom’s place yesterday. The waves were starting to pick up and the wind was gusting, but there was no rain. A key component to keeping the kids interested in continuing. Beaches are a great place to explore and we did find a lot of interesting things.

The start of our walk was the announcement from the eagle at the top of a very tall tree. It was one of the few times recently where I wished I had my DSLR instead of my phone, but I was still a very impressive sight.

Duck Leaves

We spent a couple nights on Saltspring Island at the cabin. One of the things we did was go for a dog walk at Duck Creek. This is a favourite activity of ours. The park is a gem to explore and there are always lots of interesting things to investigate no matter what time of year we go.

Fall is especially fun with all the leaves falling, and the park getting ready for winter.

We managed to get our walk in then headed back to the cabin before it started pouring rain again.

Apples Weekend

Last year our apple tree produced 12 apples. We were very disappointed. Every other year we had a huge crop and always managed to dehydrate, freeze, turn into apple sauce, eat, and share a lot of apples.  We hoped the tree wasn’t on it’s last legs, but this year it was back to normal!


IMG_3458 IMG_3459

The last few weeks we have been picking a few apples here and there to test their ripeness. One evening the kids and I cored and peeled a large bowl of them and put them in the dehydrator. Here are Amy and Elliot helping me 🙂 A treat for them is to eat the peel as we work.

IMG_2739 IMG_2735

We decided a week ago they were ready, but I was away for the weekend, so we couldn’t harvest them. This weekend though, game on!


I pulled out all our containers, both ladders and set to work. I filled the below container in about 10 minutes.


These apples are a type of spartan we think, and are sweet, juicy, and very crispy. They are great in crumbles, pies, sauce, and just general eating.


As you can see, we ended up with a LOT of apples. Time to start handing them out!


Bus Lapse

Yesterday I had a couple errands to run and took the bus on the way home. Amy was with me since she was sick. We ended up on a double decker, upstairs in the very front seats. I decided to take a time lapse video of part of our trip.

These time lapse videos are a ton of fun.