Basement Island

It almost looks like we are moving, but we aren’t. We had been storing a bunch of unassembled Ikea furniture in our basement for quite a few months now. This weekend we delivered it to a cabin on Saltspring Island.

We stayed the night there, and had a wonderful time. Yesterday we went out for dinner at the Treehouse cafe, which was excellent, and also meant we didn’t need to cook, bring the food to cook, nor clean up after cooking.

Today I got a bit of a sleep in, then the kids brought me some Fathers Day presents that they had made. Very nice!

We did some research and decided on a walk at Duck Creek. After a bit of trouble finding the place, we started our walk. Heart had a great time, and the kids got to run around quite a bit. The walk followed a meandering creek on way, then the return had us walking through some large meadows. Lots of daisies could be seen.

After lunch at the cabin, we headed back to Ganges for an ice cream cone and a play at the playground. All too soon we packed up our stuff and headed for the ferry. I’m looking forward to many more weekends on the small island.