Lighting Neatly

I’ve wanted under cabinet lighting in the kitchen for quite a while. The one light in the centre of the kitchen means that while doing meal prep I cast a shadow onto my work area. Quite a pain.

The lighting I wanted needed to be plug-in, dimmable, and warm. I did some research and found some on Amazon, but I was concerned about return issues if they didn’t work out. At local hardware shops, the solutions seemed complicated and expensive.

Then I started reading about the IKEA smart home options. I liked what I was reading. While we were in Vancouver recently we stopped in and I got a change to see them first hand and I liked them even more.

I quickly gathered the information I needed and apexes out my lighting solution. Sue had to head to Vancouver for a work trip so I ordered online and she picked them up. Pretty easy so far.

Home installations as very easy too. A few screws and a few holes to run some wiring and it was done. The hardest part was actually the holes since my drill was too big to fit between some shelves. Once it was all working I had to buy some wire clips to neatly finish the job.

The “switch” is wireless was easy to pair with the lights, and is held to the wall using a magnet. Very cool.

Overall I’m extremely happy with how this project turned out.