Wind Joking

 This weekend there was quite the storm that hit us. It was predicted to include high winds, and lots of rain.  The rain never really happened, but the wind was pretty incredible.

At one point Elliot came downstairs and asked me if I took the tree down. I was confused and sure that he was trying to get me to look outside, but he insisted he wasn’t joking.  When I looked outside I saw this.


I guess we have a bit of yard work to do some time soon. 

Cement Parade

So far this long weekend has been very busy. We did some running around yesterday which included a trip to Home Depot. There we found a nice patio set that was an excellent deal. I also picked up some quick set cement.

The cement project was for a free standing umbrella style laundry drying rack. We’ve had the rack for close to a year now, but never made the time to get the needed materials.

Today the plan was for us all to head out to the highland games, but Elliot decided he wanted to stay home. I stayed with him and set up the patio furniture, cleaned out the old fridge, then dug the hole for the laundry rack. Elliot helped with the hole construction using his dump truck to cart everything away for me.

I then went for a 2 hour road ride. The ride was pretty fun, but very slow and easy. This suited me just fine.

When I got back I had a snack (a hamburger), then got back to work mixing the cement. Yowch. That was tough on the back. As soon as I started pouring I realized I did not have enough. The guy at Home Depot said two bags was going to be plenty, but he must have been on glue. I made a quick trip to Rona and picked up 3 more bags. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, especially since this is the first cement I have ever made.

Rona’s quick set cement was $3 a bag more than Home Depot. No wonder I hate shopping there.

Good day. Scratch that, great day. Fun with the kids, got lots of yard work done, and I got a ride in. What more is there?

Oh, just a parade tomorrow. 🙂

Leaves Manageable

‘Tis the season for leaves to fall. We have a few in our yard from the cherry tree, and a couple others, and this makes it difficult to clean up after Yoshi when it is dark out.

The other weekend I was out walking with Beet and Yoshi, and we strolled past our old house. The Gary Oak trees had covered the ground with leaves. Suddenly I remembered the hours spent cleaning up the yard, and the several trips to the municipal yard to get rid of them.

Ahhh, I am so glad I don’t have to deal with those any more. What we have is much more manageable, and doesn’t have to be dealt with yet either.