Get yer motor runnin’, head out on the highway!

boarding baby!!
I sit here barely able to contain myself. The snow is calling me. I need to buy a couple little things still, but I am plenty stoked on the trip. 3 days of boarding at Big White. It is going to feel great to get out of the city for a few days. I love the tingle of crisp cold mountain air in my lungs. I don’t want to work anymore, I want to be driving.

I have a bunch of things to do today and tonight (vacuum the truck is one cuz it is pretty dirty), but I am feeling pretty prepared. My board is waxed and tuned. My gear is half packed. The truck is nearly “winterized” (just need to load the sand bags). Yeehaw, I can’t wait to get out of here.

First a small ferry trip, then on to Abbotsford to pick up one more person, then we hit highway 5, here is hoping the road is clear all the way.

When will it stop?

who holds up the economy?I have been thinking about this topic for a long time. The past year or so it has been on my mind a lot. My question is: when will it stop? The nickel and diming of society (and me in particular) is having a huge negative effect. Each pay cheque I give the government a large chunk. More gets taken off for CPP. I drive a vehicle and buy gas. Insurance rates went up, gas rates are going up. Buying anything in a store and there is at least a 7% tax if not the much higher 14.5% tax.

The government is broke and they are cutting back everywhere. The schools have no money. Healthcare has no money. The highways department has no money. The local municipalities have no money. I have no money! It is all being taken away from me in nickels and dimes by new taxes, higher taxes, or new user fees.

I want to know where all this money goes? Where does it get used? It is getting to the point where I now have to think twice about going out for dinner. That is sad, and a huge detriment to the economy. It feels like a downward spiral.

Part of my problem is actually a benefit to me. Right now I am highly motivated to get out of debt. I am putting large sums each month towards credit card debt that I have accumulated. In as little as three months I will be debt free (minus my truck and my student loans). Once I am debt free I intend to continue my thrifty ways and squirrel the money away into a high interest savings account.

Back to my rant though. The nickel and diming is getting pretty brutal. We as a society are paying more and more every day, and getting less and less to show for it. As it gets worse, I (and I assume others) have less free cash for spending (I keep myself to a strict budget). In my mind this means the economy slows down more. As the economy slows, the government and businesses need more money to stay afloat, and prices rise. Hence the downward spiral.

What is rock bottom for a society? What can we do? How do we stop this?

As an aside, I don’t believe the current government is completely to blame for this. I do believe that they are doing their best to clean up the mess that this province is in. They do need to realize that the citizens of B.C. are getting sick and tired of this though.

Weekend Riding.

Nice drop
What a great weekend for riding. I actually managed to get two rides in. This weekend was the first time I had taken my digital camera out on the trails. I have an S30, and I love it. Now that I have taken it on the trails, I love it even more. I bought an Otter Box to keep it nice and safe in my Camelbak.

Saturday I met with Mike B, Shane, Shaun, and Mark. We went up to the Switchbacks, down Southridge, down Green Ribbon a bit, then hit Sofa King. Here are the pictures from the ride.

Sunday was a more mellow ride with Mark (a different Mark than Saturday). I took Yoshi with us and had a great XC ride. I definitely needed that. Before I left for the ride I was a little sore, and was kind of hoping that Mark would call to cancel. Sure enough Mark called. He was going to be a little late due to a flat tire he was fixing 🙂 In the end I was extremely glad that I went out on Sunday. It may have been a little nippy, but the ride was fabulous.

The only downside to the weekend was a very close call. I was almost in a very bad accident. I was driving behind a little white car, and there was a large chevy behind me, then a couple cars behind him. A ways down the road some mountain bikers pop out at the side. When the little white car gets close, one of them darts across the road, but the other one remains at the side.

This white car slammed on their brakes, and stopped in the middle of the road! I then stop as quick as I can. I looked up and the chev was barreling down on me because he hadn’t seen me stop. There was no on coming traffic, and there was a grassy patch on the right. I gunned the gas, steered to the right, and started to drop the clutch. I glanced in the rear view mirror in time to see that the chev had already started to head into the grass. I jammed on the brakes, turn left really hard, and stopped. I looked to the right and saw the chev skating around on the grass throwing mud everywhere. The driver got his truck under control and ended up on a side street. The white car in front of me took off, I followed, and the chev got back on the road behind me. I gave the cyclist that didn’t cross the road a very dirty look, so I hope he gave his friend some shit for his boneheaded maneuver.

I like to bleed a little.

Donate blood today!Last night was a busy one for me. I left work, went home, ate some dinner with Sue, then headed over to the Canadian Blood Services to donate. This is something that I really feel good about. I can’t afford to donate a lot of money to differing charities, and I can’t afford to volunteer my time to different organizations.

However, I can spend less than an hour every couple of months to donate some blood that could be usaed someday to help save someone’s life. It makes me feel good that I can do this.

After donating Sue and I went to pick up her snazzy new glasses, then back home we went. I talked to Mike, and we finalized (almost) the plans for a Big White ski trip later this month.

Then I gave a shout to Coreman and gabbed on the horn with him for a while. We caught up on each other’s lives. It was good to talk to him, I haven’t done that in a while.

Anywho, that is all that is new in my life.

Chili N Wingsfest

Mmmm, chiliSunday was Todd G’s annual SuperBowl Sunday ChiliFest. This year it was extended to include wings. I arrived at Todd’s around 2, and had my pick of seats. Mmmm, loads of Chili, a huuuuge pile of wings, toss in some Nacho chips and salsa, and wash down with beer. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon. Oh, yeah, and there was a decent game on the television too. 🙂

From Wet to White to Wet

Saturday was my first day on Mt Washington this season. I was nervous on the way up to the mountain. I wasn’t nervous about my skills, but rather the weather. This season has been pretty crappy for Washington and the weather for Saturday was pretty iffy. Either it was going to snow lightly, or it was going to rain.

It rained. Not hard mind you, but just enough to make your legs wet while riding up the lift. It was also windy, and a cloud was settled on the upper portion of the mountain. This combination was pretty brutal at times. I always have to wear goggles becuase the wind bothers my eyes a lot. Well, with the wind, the rain, and the low visibility, the goggles just washed out any terrain features, and I couldn’t see a thing. I had to ride all day without them.

Amazingly enough, I still had a fun day. I hooked up with a friend of mine who was staying on the mountain, and I rode with him in the morning. We did a few park runs, a few tree runs, and a few easy runs. It all added up to a fun day.

After boarding all day I drove to my moms, ate some grub, then booted back to Victoria. It was a good trip. Let’s all hope the coastal mountains get more snow so that us snow enthusiasts can at least get a decent season.

I see snow!

snow cam Finally Mt. Washington is getting some snow. Yay! I think I am going to try and get up there to hit some pow. Sliding down the hill, easing through the trees. I have only been on my board once this season so far, and that was while I was in Nelson. I absolutely need to use my lift passes I bought a while ago. This weekend I must go boarding!