Diagonal Blocking


This lady takes the cake for aggresive driving.

Sue and I were heading out to the Tsawassen ferry Sunday afternoon. A red light stopped a group of cars, and I was in the left lane. In the right lane there was a mini van, then a chick in a black Honda Civic Sedan.

The light goes green, traffic starts off, we get up to speed. The mini van is a little ahead of me, but I am gaining on it. By this point we are all doing at least 90 km/h, if not more.

Chicky, who is apparently in a big hurry, decides I am not passing fast enough, floors her little 4 cylinder, and does a diagonal pass from the right lane to the left lane between my truck and the mini van. There must have only been a few feet on either end of her vehicle.

I was not impressed, so I honked at her. Sometimes I wish I had installed a large air horn to scare the crap out of people. I could see the chick just shrug as if she didn’t understand why I was laying on the horn.

A little while later there is anothe red light. She is in the left lane with another sedan in the right lane, and just after the light, the right lane ended. When the light goes green, she guns it. The sedan also takes off, and matches her for the most part, but then when she was barely in front on of the sedan, she moves right and cuts him off. Sedan-dude, not liking her so close switches to the left lane. Chicky sees this and starts to move left, but only goes halfway so she ends up straddling the line, and blocking the sedan!

It doesn’t end there though. There is yet another red light. The highway is 4 lanes by this point, so, Chicky does the turn right, cross the sidestreet, jump back on the highway.

As we are all approaching the ferry terminal, I see here once again cut someone off. Then we go to pay to get on the ferry. She pulls up to an empty kiosk. I pull up behind someone (not her), they pull through, I pay by credit card, then take off. She is still paying !!?!? Crazy chick.

Doesn’t end there though.

Once the ferry docks in Victoria, she has totally changed. While driving down the highway, she is doing less than the speed limit, and when stopped at lights she appears to be putting on makeup so that when the light goes green, she doesn’t move, and she holds up traffic.

I just don’t get the crazy antics on the Vancouver side. They certainly didn’t help her. Crazy chick, your licence has just been Revoked!

Sudden Contact

photoshopped plants

:grr: Ok I am a little angry right now. I keep thinking I am mad at someone else, but I really should be mad at me.

Let’s set the scenario. I am driving down Catherine St towards Esquimalt Road. There is a red light for my direction. As I approach the intersection, there is a car in the left lane but that is it.

I pull up to the line, waited, and watched left for an opening. Some approaching cars signal they are going to turn, so the lane closest to me is open. I decide to go.

As I am letting out the clutch, and adding gas, a lady appears in front of my truck. I quickly slam on the brakes and come to a sudden stop. I am now straddling the crosswalk, with the front of my truck sticking out onto Esquimalt. I quickly scan to see if I am blocking the road, and notice that the pedestrians do not have a walk signal. The lady glares at, says something, then walks around my truck. Another lady then steps out in front of me holding out her hand like she is trying to tell me to stop.

So, I am mad at myself because I consider myself to be a good driver. After watching left for so long, I should have checked right to see if there were any pedestrians. I am mad at the lady since she walked through a blind spot in my vehicle (the windshield support), then proceeded to cross against the light, and didn’t make eye contact with me (the driver). As I drove away I was pretty pissed at the two ladies, but I also took part of the blame for that one.

I see way too many pedestrians just walking out into intersections without looking. This is a very dangerous thing to do, for all parties involved. I know that when walking I see lots of drivers roll through an intersection without looking for pedestrians. I also see many intersections and building entrances that are not designed very well, and can sometimes hide pedestrians.

In any event, I am still angry at what happened, but I am mostly angry at myself. I consider myself too good of a driver to make a mistake like that.

Green Ambulance Signal

a light embedded in a wall

Some people know what to do in emergency situations, and others do not. Today I was sitting at a light. I was in the right lane of a two lane road, that also had a left turn lane. Soon after the light went green, I heard an ambulance coming. I saw that it was coming up from behind so I turned on my right blinker, and pulled over as far as I could. Most of the other morons around me just froze, neither moving out of the way, nor signalling that they would move.

The clearest lane was the left turn lane, but the person who was waiting to turn left was in the intersection waiting for the ambulance. The ambulance went down the left turn lane since there was no traffic there, but was trapped. The left turner wouldn’t move, and neither would the traffic in the left lane. One guy in the left lane saw what was happening, so he threw his truck into reverse to make room for the ambulance. The ambulance squeaked through the small space, and made a right turn. And still the left turn dude sat there in the middle of the intersection with their left turn signal blinking the whole time. Revoked! Idiots.

I read in the newspaper that ambulance drivers really fear other drivers. Many just freeze, and never get out of the way. Ambulance drivers would love it if people quickly, but safely got out of their way, AND signalled exactly what they were going to do. Be safe people, the ambulance drivers might need to help you some day.

Numb Brakes

screaming along at the speed of light

This post goes out to the numb nuts from Friday in the older Ford. I turned onto Hillside heading South. After I pulled into a two way left turn lane (so I could turn left) I looked up, and there he was bombing down the lane. I had to quickly swerve to the right and jam on the brakes.

Then he had the gall to honk at me! Hello? The Ford guy was driving down a two way left turn lane for a block and a half. I pulled into it cuz I wanted to turn left. I fingered him back since he deserved it. I am also now revoking him. :grr:

Terminal Thinking

pretty dim dude

Friday night was a bit of a fiasco. Sue and I thought we would be getting to the ferry terminal with plenty of time, but reality sunk when we got close to the terminal. There were lots of cars there, and it didn’t look good for us.

The 5 pm ferry arrived late (about 45 minutes late), and they started loading. Eventually they started loading our lane. The workers took about 5 cars from our lane before the ferry was full. Darn. :grr:

As our line was scrunching up, the minivan parked in front of me wasn’t moving because some guy in his Tercel in front of him wasn’t moving. He was asleep, or in getting food or something.

The jackass behind me pulls out gets all impatient, honks a couple times (I guessed he was in a hurry), so he pulls out, drives around me, past 2 cars in front, then pulls back in line! :jawdrop: :wtf:

The line didn’t move anymore! The line couldn’t move anymore! The ferry was pulling away.

I was livid. What the hell was he thinking? Was he in that much of a hurry? All he gained was 3 car lengths. Was he not looking at what was going on? :grr: Even now when I think about it I get steamed. I revoke his licence. Plain and simple. If someone is that impatient, what is the next step. “Well I do have a red light, but I think I see a break in the cars. maybe I should go for it.” Loser.

According to me there are certain rules in parking lots that everyone must follow. Especially at the ferries terminal. Fifo jackass. Learn it, live it, love it.

end of rant

Mazda Aisle

bold move by a stupid person

Last night while on the way over to Duncan’s place for some pool and trivia, I decided to stop at Tillicum Mall for a Starbucks Americano. As I was pulling up, I noticed some people getting in to their car. It was a primo parking spot, so I waited. I was not in the aisle, but I could see over the cars in the aisle and noone else was waiting. As the people in the car were getting settled, some dude in a yellow Mazda pulls up and begins waiting as well.

I knew he was thinking that he scored a wicked spot, but I was there first. I saw him turn down the aisle from the far end _while_ I was waiting. The people started backing out, and fortunately they backed out blocking Mazda dude. I zipped in there knowing he was going to be pissed, but confident that I was there first.

Sure enough the guy waited for me to get out of my truck to say something to me. He accused me of stealing his spot. He wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, when I told him I was waiting longer than he, and that I was waiting for it before he even turned down the aisle. I said sorry that he didn’t see me, but I was there first. I walked off and waved to him.

After the fact I thought that what I really should have said was “Merry Christmas” and smiled at him. I understand where he was coming from, but he really pissed me off. :grr: For that I revoke the guys licence. He was an :shit: to me, so I was to him. He deserved it.

This time of year people have less patience with one another, and to me it feels like it has all started too early. This is the time of year to be kind to one another and to be filled with holiday cheer. It is not the time of year to be surly, rude, and antagonistic. Why don’t people get it?

Pedestrian Creaming

coulda been pushin up daisies

Today on my way back to the office, I very closely avoided a horrific accident. I was sitting at the traffic lights on the corner of Oak and Cloverdale. I was facing north, but the cross traffic had the green, so I was sitting at the stop line. On Cloverdale, waiting to turn South onto Oak St, was a large truck with a big trailer.

My light went green, and I scanned the intersection. Noone was trying to beat the yellow so I started to go. On my side of the road, heading south a pedestrian started crossing the road.

As I started to pass the truck with the big trailer, I see the streak of a new silver bug come flying towards the intersection. I see her narrowly miss the pedestrian, and then proceeded into the intersection AGAINST THE RED! I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could, hit the horn (which only beeped a little), and avoided creaming the bug. I looked up and sure enough the chick in the bug had a red. She plowed through a full red (and it had been red for quite a long time), missed a pedestrian, and missed me.

Luckily for bug lady my oncoming traffic that was turning left hadn’t pulled out into the intersection.

It was a very close call for many parties. The scary part is I don’t think bug lady knew what she did. She gets her licence revoked!

Inconsiderate Clipboard

This Revoked section is a way or me to express my anger over bad drviers. I once had the fantasy that my dream job would be to revoke the licences of the bad drivers thus making it safer for the good drivers.

Yesterday this was taken to a whole new level. Behind VMI is the office for the Airporter. They sometimes use the curb in front of VMI to park.

As I was leaving work on Friday, an Airporter bus pulls up and blocks the driveway, just as I approached it. The driver saw me, but ignored me anyway. He stopped and got out to talk to three of his colleagues. I couldn’t believe he was doing this.

I sat there a couple minutes hoping he would jump back in and take off, but no, the three of them stood there talking, writing on their clipboards and just ignoring me.

I was starting to get very mad. I honked and asked them to move the bus. One of them turned to me and said “go around”. I replied I couldn’t because I can’t see the street. They continued talking. I didn’t feel I could safely pull out onto the street at rush hour, and turn left. Oak St is very busy at that time of day, and where the bus was parked blocked me from seeing a large portion of the oncoming traffic.

I was furious. Some of the passengers were looking at me, then talking, and I really wished I could hear what they were saying. The Airporter drivers swapped a couple passengers from one bus to another, and finally after 10 minutes or so, a driver got into the bus, then left.

I was shaking I was so mad. I was forced to sit there because they were inconsiderate enough to block the driveway of a building that they are not a tenant in. For that I not only revoke their drivers licences, I also revoke their business licence.

I will be calling the police today and see if I can lodge a complaint. It was quite ridiculous.

Incredible Threepeat

nice carOk, time to rant here. I picked up a half yard of very wet sand for Elizabeth’s sand box today, and while on the way to deliver it, came across a very stupid driver who deserved to have his licence revoked.

Around 5:15 tonight I was driving down Cook St, where it is still two lanes. Traffic was backed up from a light, but had started to move. Dorkwad in front of me waits for another person to turn left. The person turning left cannot go since he can’t see the other lane of traffic. I honk at Dorkwad, he glances up in his rearview, and glares at me, but starts moving. Veeeeery slowly, obviously in an effort to piss me off. Whatever. He was trying to be nice, but he was just holding up traffic, so I honked at him. Instead of holding his ground until the left turner went, he caved and became very immature by trying to piss me off.

Shortly we come to an intersection. The light goes yellow, so Dorkwad jams on his brakes instead of going through the intersection like he should have since he was so close. I see the front of his car dive from jamming on the brakes, but I but never see any tail lights, cuz THEY DON”T WORK.

Remember that sand? Well since he stopped so quickly, I hit my brakes but my truck wasn’t slowing like it normally does. I got a little scare, but luckily I stopped in time.

I sat at the light contemplating whether or not I should go tell him that his tail lights aren’t working. I can see this turning into some kind of road rage incident (him not me, I was laughing at his stupidity and immaturity), so I decided not to. Just before the light went green, I noticed a car seat in the back seat of Dorkwad’s car. Incredible. This guy is stupid and immature, yet has kids. I sincerely hope there weren’t any kids in the car today.

This guy gets Revoked for a threepeat: the stopping in rush hour traffic for someone who can’t turn, the slow starting after the honk, and the lack of tail lights. Sayonara Dorkwad.

Hurried Blocking

I was a bit of an asshole today. I kind of feel good about it though.

When driving back to work from the mall today, I needed to turn left into the driveway at VMI. Problem was there was a lady stopped in front of if letting out a passenger. I honked, and she looked up at me I gave her a dirty look, but she didn’t really do much beyond that. Her passenger hurried a bit then scurried off. She pulled out, gave a little half smile as if to say oops, then drove off.

The thing that really got me was that 5 feet away (just in the driveway she was blocking), was a parking spot for visitors. She couldn’t use that eh? Stoopid lady. For that she should have her licence revoked.

The part that made me an asshole was the fact that her passenger was using a cane. Doesn’t matter to me though, she was blocking the driveway for no good reason at all.