Eventful Hedge

Eventful weekend. It all started with Friday nights pizza eat and Government House Pumpkin Art viewing.

Pizza was good, and the kids were out in full force. Here they all are relaxing on the couch after eating a ton of pizza! It was quite the feat to get them all sitting still there for even a second.

Once it got dark it was time to head off to Government House. Here are my shots from the night.

I found the pumpkin art interesting, and some of the carvings were exquisite, but I found them rather boring to shoot. I had trouble making artsy shots. There are a few artsy fartsy shots there, but most were boring. Interestingly enough many of my shots were ended up being out of focus. I can’t believe I wasn’t paying more attention. Anyway, the artsiest shots I could come up with were a string of decorative pumpkin lights that were strung up in a hedge. I also found a line of pumpkins that was neat too.

It was kind of neat, and I might go back again, specially if Sue wants to go. She wasn’t there cuz she was still on her way back from Seattle.

Durable Ringtones

drying out
I don’t understand the latest rage in cellphones. Cameras. I want my cellphone to place calls. I want my cellphone to place good quality calls. I want my cellphone to be durable. I want basic text messaging. Most of all I want my cellphone to be inexpensive.

I don’t want to surf the web. I don’t want to take pictures. I don’t want to view and modify email. I don’t want to play games on it. I don’t want downloadable ringtones that sound like the latest populare tune. I am not the target market.

drying out the other way

You know what? That doesn’t bother me. The underlying story behind cameras with all the gizmos it the usage fees. Cell companies don’t mention how much it costs when advertising cameras these fancy phones. If SMS is $5 a month, how much are they going to charge for mailing pictures and movies over their network?

Even with a basic plan I pay more than I want to with my cellphone. Some day I am going to sit down and look at my usage of the cellphone, and maybe make the decision to go to prepaid. I can still get the features I want, but it might cost me less.

Why am I like this? Well, my cell phone is a communication device, not a PDA, and definitely not a camera. That is why I have a PDA, and a camera. I like having seperate devices. One reason I like the seperate devices is that I feel no fear throwing my cell into my pack when I go riding. If I had one of the PDA/cell/camera combo units that cost upwards of $650, I would never take it riding. It would lose its usefulness for me. My camera is small enough that I can carry it almost everywhere I go.

Besides, have you seen the quality of the pics a cameraphone can take? I haven’t seen any that don’t look grainy. I prefer good quality over bleeding edge. I don’t view it as a tragedy that I carry multiple devices with me.

Like I said, I am not the target market, even though I love gadgets, and I am a pretty techy person.

Discharged Listings

longing for better days

I am begining to think that I should rename this site to snottylaces.ca. This cold I acquired last week still haunts me. I must have discharged a gallon of snot by now. I was feeling great this morning, but as the day dragged on my sinuses became more stuffed up. Must have something to do with the weather.

To top it off, I set up the VCR to tape the WRC Rallye De France on Sunday. I sat down to watch it tonight, and after rewinding the tape I discovered that I had started taping halfway through the two hour show! Crap! Before I set up the VCR I checked the channel listings. It showed Speed showing it back to back. For some weird reason, I decided to tape both showings of it (I set the VCR to tape for 4 hours). As it turned out, the last hour of my tape had the first hour of the race, and the first hour of the tape had te last hour of the race. Good race too. I love watching WRC racing.

Ginger Turnaround

isn't Yoshi cute?

Today was the SPCA Walkathon that I mentioned previously

in a fog again

It was quite foggy as we left this morning, and that made standing around before the start a little chilly. There were lots of dogs, and even more people. Sue and I were both quite surprised at the turnout. Hopefully it turned out to be a great fundraiser for the SPCA. Sue and I raised $200 thanks in large part to our friends, co-workers, and family. Thanks guys, the pledges definitely went to a good cause.

a frame

Prior to the start we checked out the tents, and watched some of the Capital Comets doing agility. This guy loved the A-frame. He would get to the top, and stop there to look at all the dogs down below.

blast off
in the pack

Soon it was time to go. Holy smokes there were lots of people and dogs participating.

making friends

Yoshi made friends with Ginger and we walked with her for a while.

yay, sun

The Sun popped out from behind the clouds, and warmed everyone up.

river of dogs

It was quite the sight to see that many dogs out for a walk, all at once. The best part was that I didn’t see or hear any dogs not getting along. Absolutely wonderful. A very cute sight was an older woman pushing a baby carriage that contained here little dog. I guess he was too tired!

the turnaround

We started at Ogden Point, and the turnaround was Mile Zero. Since this was in the off leash area, we let Yoshi off to go run around a bit. It was a sea of dogs there. All shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds. Lots of fun! The above picture is of Yoshi and Sue as we were about to start walking back.

It was lots of fun, and it sure felt great to help out a cause that I believe in.

Draining Goodbyes

in a fog 1in a fog 2
Ugh. Have I mentioned I hate being sick? Once again I woke up, and knew I was sick. :grr: I hate that. This time I woke up at 3 am to hear the rain pounding on the roof, the wind tearing through the trees. I was laying on my back, and every time I swallowed I would experience a small wave of pain. I was swallowing a lot since my sinuses were draining down my throat. I tosssed and turned but could not get comfortable. Some time around 5 I think I fell asleep again.

The alarm went off at 7. Closing in on 7:30 I decided to drag my butt out of bed. The shower felt good, but not that good. I was still sick. The magical powers of the shower hadn’t changed a thing.

Sue said her goodbyes, then returned moments later. Dead battery. I think the Cherry bomb needs a new battery.

Wait, back to the topic at hand. I am going to stay at work long enough to determine if anything extremely important needs to get done. If not, I am going home. My head is in a fog today, and I am a walking zombie. Work is not good for Zombies.

Un-busy Walkathon

wild waterfall
Not much happening these days. I have been pretty un-busy. Sue is back now, and I am glad for that, but she has been busy the past couple days, so I haven’t seen a lot of her.

Yoshi and I had a little spin at the park last night.

I need to get out on a bike some time soon!

I also need to come up with some solution for the Photo Club. It is dark too early. We can try doing some night shoots, but I think those will get boring quite quickly. I am hoping that I can get permission some time to shoot with the club, inside the English Inn, which is right across the street from where I live. I still have to go and talk to them about that though.

Tonight we are going out for cake and a movie at a friends house.

This Sunday is the BC SPCA Walkathon. Should you wish to pledge Sue and I, shoot me an email and we will discuss.

Oscur Watur

Weee! This iz my furst post heer. Greg wasnt looking so I made me account.

Twoday wuz fun. I got to plaa with Oscur at the beech. It wuz a new beech though. Greg called it Albrt Hed. It smelld different from my beech so I mayd sure all the dawgs new I wuz there.

Oscur and I ran lotz and swam in the watur lotz. I run into the watur very fast, but Oscur wuz slow geting in. He swim good for a yung dawg.

I got cold from swimming and Greg wudnt let me swim ane mor. We ran lotz more. We had to leav and I still wantd to run. No fare! I slept well on the wey home thou.

It was reel fun!

Rainbow Debris

crazy I tell ya!
What a crazy day yesterday! Holy smokes. I got up early and met up with Todd and Lisa. We headed over to the Dallas Road near Ross Bay Cemetary to cheer on some friends that were in the Royal Victoria Marathon. Congratulations to Laurie and Jeanette for completing the half marathon, and big congrats to Duncan for completing the full marathon! That is awesome you guys.

Around lunch time I bundled up, grabbed some gear, got Yoshi in the truck and headed up to Nanaimo for Thanksgiving dinner number 1. It was an eventful drive on the way up. It was raining and windy the whole way, but the cooles thing was driving through the ends of a rainbow. Twice! Yep, before this one corner, the rainbow ended right on the highway, and right after the corner was another end of a rainbow. It was pretty cool!

Just south of Ladysmith there was a three car accident that had occurred just a couple minutes before I got there. The people were out of their cars and walking about, there was debris all over the highway, two cars were off the side of the road, but one car that was prety badly mangled, was resting in the left lane against the median. One person was out directing traffic, so there was a real slow down right there. I have always hated rubber neckers, and sure enough I was stuck behind a real bad one. The older guy in the buick in front of me slowed down appropriately, but then started gawking at the wreck. He started slowing down even more! I was watching what he was doing, and I couldn’t belive it. He was being pretty dangerous. I honked at him a couple times to hopefully get his eyes back on the road. Like I sai, there was debris on the road, but there was also people walking alongside the highway. He absolutely needed his eyes on the road. :grr:

After that the rest of the drive was clear sailing. Dinner with my mom and sister was excellent, and Yoshi had a good time too. My original plan was to stay the night and head back to Victoria on Monday, but I ended up coming home last night. I am happy to say that nothing stupid happened on the drive back.

Tuckered Americano

good doggy?
Yoshi and I went for a grand walk today. After stopping at Starbucks for a loverly Americano, we headed to Elk Lake park for a field walk. It was slighlty cool out so the Americano kept me perfectly warm. As soon as we got there Yoshi was revved up and ready to go. As soon as I opened the truck door he exploded out onto the field. We started the walk with Boomer the 11 month old Doberman Pinscher. He was a cutie, and you could definitely tell he was young. He weighed over 70 lbs though! The other dog in our small group was a greyhound. Wow, I thought Yoshi was fast, but compared to the greyhound, he seem average.

We parted out ways with the other two dogs and walked a long way. Two people and their dogs caught up to us, and we all stopped and talked for a long time as the three dogs played. Again, one was a pup, and the other was a large dog named Timber. Their respective owners were pretty nice and we swapped lots of funny dog stories.