Yoshi’s Work

Yoshi sleeping on his bed

Yesterday was Yoshi’s last day at VMI. He wouldn’t believe me until we got home. This bed he is laying on is the one I kept at work for him. When he saw it at home he immediately layed down on it and began to reminisce on all the good times, and all the good treats he had at VMI.

He is pretty sad about not being able to go to work anymore. I know that with time he will get over it.

Chomping Detour

Yoshi at Macaulay Point Park

Last night as I left the office I was greeted with a very warm, very pleasant evening sky. I jumped in my truck, rolled down all the windows and revelled in the temperature. Awesome! As I was driving home I decided to take Yoshi to the park for a walk. I knew he would be all over that action!

sailboat silhouette

The walk to the park was nice, but Yoshi was chomping at the bit. He wouldn’t stop pulling the entire way there. Once he was off leash he ran around like a banshee, stopping to sniff and pee on trees, and clumps of grass. The life of a dog is so uncomplicated sometimes!

Later in the walk we came by a group of owners and their dogs. Yoshi sensed something was wrong, and for some weird reason took a large detour around the group while I walked right through it. Strange dog sometimes!

We got home about 40 minutes later, and ready to eat! Both of us were hungry. After Yoshi ate he came upstairs to be close to Sue and I. We discovered him sleeping using my shoes as a pillow. Silly dog!

Yoshi using my shoes as a pillow

Pounding Breakwater

wind blown water

I took Yoshi for a quick walk after work tonight. Stormy! The wind has been pounding Victoria today, and got even more fierce when the sun started to go down. Yoshi’s ears were flapping all about 🙂

water crashing on the rocks

The cool thing about storms that last is that the parks can get some wicked waves. Tonight the waves crashing onto the breakwater were sending spray right over the breakwater! I had never seen that at the park before. Very cool.

tree silhouette

I am a wimp though, and took refuge in the trails. It was only supposed to be a quick walk anyway, but it was fun. I love windy, stormy weather.
Click for a couple more pictures

Yoshi on leash

Yoshi on leash

Yoshi on leash

McPuke Splotch

getting rid of the junk

Well, one of the nicknames I had for Yoshi was Yoshi Wigglesworth. This came about because in the mornings he used to wiggle for all he was worth.

I now have a new nickname for him: Ralphy McPuke :barf:. It really isn’t pleasant to come home to an extremely happy dog that is wiggling and running around, then discovering a large splotch of drying puke. At least it was on the hardwood, and not the couch or carpet. Nope, correction, he tracked it onto the carpet too. 🙁

Ginger Turnaround

isn't Yoshi cute?

Today was the SPCA Walkathon that I mentioned previously

in a fog again

It was quite foggy as we left this morning, and that made standing around before the start a little chilly. There were lots of dogs, and even more people. Sue and I were both quite surprised at the turnout. Hopefully it turned out to be a great fundraiser for the SPCA. Sue and I raised $200 thanks in large part to our friends, co-workers, and family. Thanks guys, the pledges definitely went to a good cause.

a frame

Prior to the start we checked out the tents, and watched some of the Capital Comets doing agility. This guy loved the A-frame. He would get to the top, and stop there to look at all the dogs down below.

blast off
in the pack

Soon it was time to go. Holy smokes there were lots of people and dogs participating.

making friends

Yoshi made friends with Ginger and we walked with her for a while.

yay, sun

The Sun popped out from behind the clouds, and warmed everyone up.

river of dogs

It was quite the sight to see that many dogs out for a walk, all at once. The best part was that I didn’t see or hear any dogs not getting along. Absolutely wonderful. A very cute sight was an older woman pushing a baby carriage that contained here little dog. I guess he was too tired!

the turnaround

We started at Ogden Point, and the turnaround was Mile Zero. Since this was in the off leash area, we let Yoshi off to go run around a bit. It was a sea of dogs there. All shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds. Lots of fun! The above picture is of Yoshi and Sue as we were about to start walking back.

It was lots of fun, and it sure felt great to help out a cause that I believe in.

Tuckered Americano

good doggy?
Yoshi and I went for a grand walk today. After stopping at Starbucks for a loverly Americano, we headed to Elk Lake park for a field walk. It was slighlty cool out so the Americano kept me perfectly warm. As soon as we got there Yoshi was revved up and ready to go. As soon as I opened the truck door he exploded out onto the field. We started the walk with Boomer the 11 month old Doberman Pinscher. He was a cutie, and you could definitely tell he was young. He weighed over 70 lbs though! The other dog in our small group was a greyhound. Wow, I thought Yoshi was fast, but compared to the greyhound, he seem average.

We parted out ways with the other two dogs and walked a long way. Two people and their dogs caught up to us, and we all stopped and talked for a long time as the three dogs played. Again, one was a pup, and the other was a large dog named Timber. Their respective owners were pretty nice and we swapped lots of funny dog stories.

Indestructable Circles

who's ball is it?
Krista got Yoshi a toy for his birthday. Last night was our first opportunity to use his brand spankin new Jawz ball. We have had a Chuck It for a long time, but Yoshi would destroy the tennis ball in just a few throws. He would still want to play, but throwing a no-longer-round tennis ball is difficult.

This new ball is all but indestructable, fits in the Chuck It, and floats. It is a wonder ball. Oh, and for anyone who has a dog who loves to retrieve, you simply must get a Chuck It.

Anyway, back to last night. Yoshi and I got to the field, he was all prepared for running his butt off. I started off with a short throw, and he scampered off after it. He dropped it halfway back like he normally does. I picked it up, and gave it another short throw, with the same result.

Now, by this point Yoshi was getting pretty insistent and whiney. I picked up the wonder ball, and gave it a good throw down the field (about 3/4 the length of a soccer field). Yoshi goes tearing off after it, he slides to a stop on top of it, grabs it, the spits it out and comes running back to me. That stinker left it at the other end of the field! :O

With Yoshi walking circles around me I walked down to pick it up and threw it again (not quite as long). He ran to it, picked it up, spit it out, and came back to me. :O

I couldn’t believe it. I figured that he must not think it is his ball since it would have felt a lot different than a tennis ball (what he is used to). I walked to it again, but this time I picked it up with my hand and tossed it to him (about 5 feet). He grabbed it, ran at me and dropped it. I repeated a couple times until he realized this strange rubber ball was his.

After that I was able to use the Chuck It with the Jawz and give his a really good run! He was pretty happy last night.