Crazy Self-Buttering Dogs

Random Christmas lights

Crazy busy Christmas Season. Friday was VMI’s Christmas thing. We went out for lunch, then we headed to a movie. Lunch was adequate, but the movie was good.

Yesterday I finished my shopping off! Yay! 🙂 I still have a bit of wrapping to do, but that is the fun part.

Last night was our friends silly gift exchange. Lots of fun was had, and I ended up with some silly gold covered angel candles after Rhiannon stole my microwave self-buttering popcorn maker.

Today Sue, Krist, me, and the two dogs had a nice walk at Thetis lake. More relaxing is in store for today. Pretty soon we start our Christmas travelling. 🙁 It will be nice to see everyone, but I am not looking forward to all the driving (to Langley, to Nanaimo, to Powell river, then back to Victoria). I know it is going to be a great Christmas.

Lights: Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens Christmas lights

This is my Phototime Submission for theme number 28: lights. This was taken last Friday Night out at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. It was a busy night, and I waited a long time to get this shot. One lady asked me if I wanted her to wait. I replied “No thanks. Waiting is just part of Photography”. After her and her companion walked through the shot I had a long stretch of no people. I took at least ten shot of various configurations. This one was my favorite. I have many shot from this night here.

McPuke Splotch

getting rid of the junk

Well, one of the nicknames I had for Yoshi was Yoshi Wigglesworth. This came about because in the mornings he used to wiggle for all he was worth.

I now have a new nickname for him: Ralphy McPuke :barf:. It really isn’t pleasant to come home to an extremely happy dog that is wiggling and running around, then discovering a large splotch of drying puke. At least it was on the hardwood, and not the couch or carpet. Nope, correction, he tracked it onto the carpet too. 🙁

Spectacular Favorites

Butchart Gardens Christmas lights
Butchart Gardens Christmas lights
Butchart Gardens Christmas lights
Butchart Gardens Christmas lights

Friday night myself, Sue, Krista, Ann, and the girls went out to Butchart Gardens to see their spectacular Christmas Lights. Last year was the first time I went, and I was amazed. This year seemed about the same, but I saw it with a new eye. I had fun trying to take pics of the lights. It was difficult to get a picture that truly showed how awesome the display was. The above are a few of my favorites.

Click here to see the rest of the pics.

Numb Brakes

screaming along at the speed of light

This post goes out to the numb nuts from Friday in the older Ford. I turned onto Hillside heading South. After I pulled into a two way left turn lane (so I could turn left) I looked up, and there he was bombing down the lane. I had to quickly swerve to the right and jam on the brakes.

Then he had the gall to honk at me! Hello? The Ford guy was driving down a two way left turn lane for a block and a half. I pulled into it cuz I wanted to turn left. I fingered him back since he deserved it. I am also now revoking him. :grr:

100 Excited Pans

mmmmm, money!

Today I signed up for another course at camosun. This course is 100 Ways To Sell Your Photography. I am pretty excited by this prospect. I would love to be able to sell some of my work, sort of as a supplemental income.

If this pans out, I might end up buying a new camera! Ooooh! Nice. Plus it will give me more incentive to get out and take pictures. Something that I find fun already, but more fun if I could make money at it. I imagine that some of the ideas take a bit of work, but I am eager to get into it.

The only downside to the course is that it is a 1 day, 7 hour session! :O

Buying Thumbtacks

all decked out
Last week we put up the Christmas lights, and last night we put up the tree. Christmas is really coming! Yipes, I better get to it.

all decked out

Actually I am pretty far along with my shopping, and I feel pretty good about it. I cut back on how much I was buying, and that was a good thing. All in all I feel pretty good about Christmas, until I realize just how close it really is! 18 days! 2.5 weeks!

tree 1

Last nights decorating was lots of fun. Sue and I did mostly everything, although we have three things left to hang. If only we could find the thumbtacks.

tree 1

Tonight I am taking stock and figuring out what I need to do and get. Tomorrow I go shopping in Nanaimo. Yep, after work I am heading up there to do visit my aunt, my mom and sister, and do some shopping. Wednesday I will zip home in the morning before work.

Mmm, I really do like this time of year.

Sniffing Reflections

wicked reflections

This morning my (limited) photo club headed to Craigflower Park in Victoria B.C. This was an excellent place to shoot. The smooth water close by lent itself to some wonderful reflections, if you could get your timing right. I say if because there was lots of people out! Cars in the background, street lights, canoes, people walking, and dogs sniffing. There was a lot of standing around to get the right shot. It was fun though.

Underneath the Craigflower bridge was pretty freaky. The bridge makes scary noises as the traffic passes by literally inches over your head. Very exciting!

Here are my pics.