Terminal Thinking

pretty dim dude

Friday night was a bit of a fiasco. Sue and I thought we would be getting to the ferry terminal with plenty of time, but reality sunk when we got close to the terminal. There were lots of cars there, and it didn’t look good for us.

The 5 pm ferry arrived late (about 45 minutes late), and they started loading. Eventually they started loading our lane. The workers took about 5 cars from our lane before the ferry was full. Darn. :grr:

As our line was scrunching up, the minivan parked in front of me wasn’t moving because some guy in his Tercel in front of him wasn’t moving. He was asleep, or in getting food or something.

The jackass behind me pulls out gets all impatient, honks a couple times (I guessed he was in a hurry), so he pulls out, drives around me, past 2 cars in front, then pulls back in line! :jawdrop: :wtf:

The line didn’t move anymore! The line couldn’t move anymore! The ferry was pulling away.

I was livid. What the hell was he thinking? Was he in that much of a hurry? All he gained was 3 car lengths. Was he not looking at what was going on? :grr: Even now when I think about it I get steamed. I revoke his licence. Plain and simple. If someone is that impatient, what is the next step. “Well I do have a red light, but I think I see a break in the cars. maybe I should go for it.” Loser.

According to me there are certain rules in parking lots that everyone must follow. Especially at the ferries terminal. Fifo jackass. Learn it, live it, love it.

end of rant

Smooth Checkout

riding high on the waves

This past weekend was a fun trip to Vancouver. Nothing spectacular, but we got some visiting in, got some shopping in, and got some relaxing in.

The trip over was hell (more on that later), but once we were there, it was smooth sailing.

Saturday we had a brunch with some of Sue’s friends. Afterwards we went out for some shopping at Ikea and Petsmart. We got a variety of things from the former (some Xmassy, and some home essentials), and one item from the latter. Dog food is $10 a bag cheaper there than anywhere in Victoria, so we got 4 bags. The PetsMart checkout guy asked if Yoshi could have a treat, so we said sure. The guy grabs one of the hugest dog cookies I have ever seen. It was almost as big as my PDA (3 inches by 5 inches). Y make quick work of it though. 🙂

Sunday was a little more of a work day. After breakfast we headed out to a nearby farm to pick up some firewood. Y had a great run around the farm. Back at Sue’s mom’s place I helped string some Xmas lights, and answer a few computer related questions.

All too soon we had to head to Tsawassen for the 1 pm ferry. We got home at a reasonable hour, unloaded the truck (including stacking the wood in the pitch dark carport).

It was a nice break from the ordinary.

Unforgiving Register

strange pets
This is my first post about Aphro, our cat.

She has some peculiarites that makes her so adorable.

First off, Aphro. When Sue and I go to bed, Aprho usually ends up sleeping on the bed with us. She is like a little lump of clay that is unforgiving, and can take up copious amounts of bed space. Last night is a perfect example. I woke up in the middle of the night in the middle of the bed, with Sue squished to one side of me. I tried to roll over, but Aphro was sleeping right beside my feet. I gave her a little shove, and she wouldn’t move! :O

Also, with the recent turn of weather, in the morning, when she hears the furnace kick in for the first Aphro has taken to getting out of bed to go sit on the heat register. 😛 She will sit there as long as the furnace blower is going. It is quite cute actually.

When going to bed, as soon as I walk in the bedroom door, Aphro is on the dresser by the door meowing away to get me to play with her. We have this cat toy that is nothing more than bits of cardboard on a piece of wire. If you wiggle it just right, then move towards her with it, you can get her to jump off the bed vertically in the air.

Aphro is quite a cutie!

Meister Runners

mmmmmmm, laces!
I forgot to post about my new shoes! Heh. 😀

On the weekend I bought a pair of Columbia Trail Meister shoes. Since I don’t have any hiking boots, I needed something that I can wear in the mud and snow, and now worry about getting my toes wet. Before these shoes all I had were runners, and they just weren’t cutting it anymore.

These are very comfy so far, and I can tell that once I break them in, they will just be even better! I have walked Yoshi wearing these a couple times, and they work well!

Stinky Nature

creepy fish

This past Saturday at Goldstream was my latest photo club photo shoot. In a word: stinky. 🙂

It was actually quite fun. Shooting nature shots is a little more difficult than in the past. There just is less interesting stuff out right now. Nature is hiding in its desaturated state right now.

Anyway, I still found quite a few good shots to take, and had lots of fun. My new camera is working out quite nicely. I think that even in it’s (so far) limited use, I have learned a lot, and reinforced much of what I have learned.

Here are my shots.

Mazda Aisle

bold move by a stupid person

Last night while on the way over to Duncan’s place for some pool and trivia, I decided to stop at Tillicum Mall for a Starbucks Americano. As I was pulling up, I noticed some people getting in to their car. It was a primo parking spot, so I waited. I was not in the aisle, but I could see over the cars in the aisle and noone else was waiting. As the people in the car were getting settled, some dude in a yellow Mazda pulls up and begins waiting as well.

I knew he was thinking that he scored a wicked spot, but I was there first. I saw him turn down the aisle from the far end _while_ I was waiting. The people started backing out, and fortunately they backed out blocking Mazda dude. I zipped in there knowing he was going to be pissed, but confident that I was there first.

Sure enough the guy waited for me to get out of my truck to say something to me. He accused me of stealing his spot. He wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, when I told him I was waiting longer than he, and that I was waiting for it before he even turned down the aisle. I said sorry that he didn’t see me, but I was there first. I walked off and waved to him.

After the fact I thought that what I really should have said was “Merry Christmas” and smiled at him. I understand where he was coming from, but he really pissed me off. :grr: For that I revoke the guys licence. He was an :shit: to me, so I was to him. He deserved it.

This time of year people have less patience with one another, and to me it feels like it has all started too early. This is the time of year to be kind to one another and to be filled with holiday cheer. It is not the time of year to be surly, rude, and antagonistic. Why don’t people get it?

Reconstructed Life

I don't want to sit there

Monday I dropped my truck off at Tommy’s Auto Upholstery here in Victoria, BC. I was getting the drivers seat fixed, and the front passenger side seatbelt replaced.

Under the seat there are three springs that keep tension in the seat. One end of the spring is hooked over a metal rod, the other through a hole in a piece of stamped metal. Two of the springs ripped out of the stamped metal causing the bottom of the seat to sag (quite a bit as it turned out). Also the foam of the seat needed to be reconstructed because it had all collapsed.

When I picked it up, I wasn’t sure what the seat would feel like. As soon as I sat down I knew the money was well spent. Instantly my butt felt more comfortable. I have also gained at least two inches in seat height! I have a whole new view of the road! I am still adjusting to the new seat though. I had to reposition the mirrors, and I can’t quite decide if I need to reposition the steering wheel or not. I also had to lean my seat back one more notch. Enough boring details of my life.

I will now be a lot more comfortable when heading out to places to get my laces muddy. Which reminds me, I need to add my next photo shoot to the list of events.