Yoshi Snot

Well, I thought I had Yoshi taken care of for the day. I managed to get him out for a walk before Beet and I took off for the day. The house was clean, Yoshi had toys out, the couches were blocked so he couldn’t lay on them, the appropriate rooms were blocked off so he couldn’t get in them.

What else is there? Oh yeah, the recycling. Well, that was locked down too. It was too god to be true. When I got home everything looked fine.

Then I went downstairs to feed him. His food bin lid was open again. I know that this morning I closed it properly. The little snot has figured out how to open his food bin, just like he figured out how to open the cupboards that have a child lock.


Now I will have to move the food bin elsewhere.

Appease Yoshi

Today I decided to try and appease Yoshi by leaving something out for him to chew on. He has been getting worse and worse since we moved and he has started wrecking toys, books, and CD’s. Already we clean up as much as we can, and leave Yoshi toys out for him. Apparently this is not enough though.

Today, as an experiment, I left a yoghurt container out fully expecting him to destroy it.

Sure enough, he did. What I hadn’t counted on was it thrashing his gums. Several of the pieces had dried blood on them. Sorry Yoshi.

When I went to get Yoshi his dinner I then discovered another surprise downstairs. The lid to his food container was open. I know he had gotten into it once before since our dog walked caught him in the act. Sure enough he didn’t touch his dinner. I am pretty sure I didn’t leave the lid open, but there is a slim possibility I didn’t close it. Or maybe I didn’t close it all the way and he nudged it open enough to prop the lid up. I don’t know.

When Sox is back in town I think I will try getting up early to walk him more and see if that has an effect on his destructive tendencies.

Yoshi Frustrating

Below is what greeted me when we came home today after a trip to Mattick’s Farm. Yoshi was a bad dog.

I thought we had blocked him out of everything bad, but I guess we forgot to close the kitchen door. I know he was trying to get at the scambled egg pan, but he sure made a mess of things. The pan was ruined and is now in the garbage, along with the spatula. Thankfully nothing else was wrecked.

The oven door is a mystery. That must have happened when he was getting the pan off the stove. That dog is so frustrating sometimes.

Yoshi Spoons

That dog did it again. Yoshi shredded an empty cereal box today. Beet was playing with it this morning and we didn’t think to put it in a safe place before we left. Yoshi also chewed up a couple of Beet’s spoons. More items added to the list.

When will we get around to building that dog a padded white room, and locking him in it during the day? Every time something gets wrecked I blame ourselves.

Dog Loaf

Today our cleaning lady was coming, so we did the mandatory house tidy beforehand. Since the house was so clean, and the garbages empty, we didn’t close the doors to the kitchen. We thought we had dog proofed the house.

Sox got home early today and called me to tell me Yoshi had eaten most of a loaf of bread. We had started it this morning and had used one slice. There was only three remaining. That dog!

Not the first time he has eaten bread either.

Here is the running list.

Gate Behind

Yesterday when we got home from work we discovered that we had forgotten to close the gate at the top of the stairs, and Yoshi had spent most of the day on our bed. This happens occasionally, and the worst part is that we need to change the bed due to all the dog hair/sand/dirt he leaves behind.

Yesterday was a little different. Sox discovered he had pawed at the bed at some point and had torn the duvet cover (not so bad since it was very old and thin and already had holes), and had torn the duvet a little (that is bad). After duct taping the hole closed we decided to leave it like that for a bit, and sew it a little later.

Bad dog!

Ruined Owners

I met a poop freak today and he ruined an otherwise good dog walk.

I was walking Yoshi at Colquitz today and in typical Yoshi fashion I needed 3 bags to clean up after him. Since it was the start of the walk and I was going to be coming back the exact same way, I left each bag at the side of the trail so I didn’t have to carry it, or put them under the stroller.

I knew some people were coming up behind me since I saw their dogs. A minute later I heard someone saying something rather loudly so I looked behind me. Some guy repeated “What are you planning on doing with that?”. Took me a second to realize he was talking about the poop bag.

I told him I was going to pick it up on my way back. He then grilled me on my plan. I told him that I was going to do a loop, that I parked near Silver City, that on my way back I would pick up all three bags, and that I always picked up my poop bags. I was very ticked at this point.

He seemed very skeptical of me and ranted about people picking up the poop and leaving the bags all over the place, not bothering to take them to a trash can. He made some noise about when people see someone doing it, it gives tacit approval for them to do it too (his example was littering). He would rather people just leave the poop to decompose over bagging and forgetting it.

I just wanted him gone. I know all the issues, I’ve been involved in committees and I’ve protested. I didn’t need some crackpot going off on me.

It really got to me for some reason. Part of me is bothered that he would lump me in with irresponsible owners. Part of me is bothered that he took such an aggressive tone. Part of me is bothered that he just assumed the worst.

After the walk I dropped Yoshi back at the car then headed for the mall. I saw the guy loading his dogs into his truck and I really wanted to say something to him, but I let it be.

Yoshi Ignoring

Yoshi was staying with my sister while we were away. We got back over a week ago, but Yoshi was returned to us this past weekend. I missed Yoshi, but the week we were home and he wasn’t was kind of nice. He makes a lot of noise in the mornings, and he sometimes wakes Beet up. Problem is he gets up around 6:30 most mornings wanting food. I want to break him of the habit which means ignoring him. This would in turn wake the kids. Not ideal.

We’ve been trying to think of ways to minimize the noise, and eventually when the basement is tidied up he may sleep down there. This means we will be able to close the door so we can’t hear him. The interim solution? He sleeps in the kitchen. We can close the doors to the kitchen and buy ourselves a bit of time.

Weekend Tweeted

Last weekend, the fam and I headed to a hockey game. It was a friends child that was playing and we had a great time at the game. We had driven there, and Yoshi was in the car. When we got back to the car, below is what greeted us.

Shocking. As soon as I saw it I was quite angry with Yoshi. It wasn’t hot in the car, and I really didn’t know what could have gotten in to him. He happily jumped out of the car and was happy to see us. Then the ref in the soccer game next to the car tweeted his whistle. Yoshi tucked his tail and ran to the front of the car. We had parked next to a field not thinking about what may happen. There were kids warming up for a soccer game, but neither Sox nor I thought through what might happen.

Instantly I felt sorry for Yoshi. He was very stressed out and this was the result. Imagine what could have been if he had gotten into the front seat? These pics were taken the next day, so no, the cat food and diaper box weren’t in there with him.