Bewtiful Biznez

Yoshi running towards the camera

last nit greg took me to the park. it was a really nice warm night and there was a bewtiful sunset. greg wanted to take pictures, but when i saw his camura i had the urge to do my biznez. greg sed he missed the lite. i was sad abowt that, but i felt better afterwordz.

sunset in Victoria

i ran with lots of dawgs and had lotz of fun. it was a reely warm nite too. there wuz lots of other dawgz there. i didn’t lik the greyhound though. he was meen and chasd me.

sunset in Victoria

there wuz lots of yung pups too. leo was 12 weeks and had bigger pawz than me!

sunset in Victoria

after the walk i decided to go for a quik dip in the oceun. greg wuzn’t happy when i did this, but it felt guud. the walk home was a little chilly, but i got a reely good rub down before dinnur.

wut a great day.

Expecting $75 Ideas

garbage can planter

Saturday I had my 100 Ways to Sell Your Photography course. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting/hoping for. My goals did not mesh with what the instructor was teaching. I want to just go out and shoot lots of nice, interesting pictures then sell them. Most of the class was about selling your photography skills, not your pictures. Many of the ideas presented were to show photographers how to set up photo shoots, something I am not really interested in. I much prefer to wander around looking through the lens and capturing what I see.

I guess I am more interested in the artsy side of photography. Oh well, $75, and 7 hours gone. I did get a couple ideas, but nothing that I plan to implement right away.

Green Ambulance Signal

a light embedded in a wall

Some people know what to do in emergency situations, and others do not. Today I was sitting at a light. I was in the right lane of a two lane road, that also had a left turn lane. Soon after the light went green, I heard an ambulance coming. I saw that it was coming up from behind so I turned on my right blinker, and pulled over as far as I could. Most of the other morons around me just froze, neither moving out of the way, nor signalling that they would move.

The clearest lane was the left turn lane, but the person who was waiting to turn left was in the intersection waiting for the ambulance. The ambulance went down the left turn lane since there was no traffic there, but was trapped. The left turner wouldn’t move, and neither would the traffic in the left lane. One guy in the left lane saw what was happening, so he threw his truck into reverse to make room for the ambulance. The ambulance squeaked through the small space, and made a right turn. And still the left turn dude sat there in the middle of the intersection with their left turn signal blinking the whole time. Revoked! Idiots.

I read in the newspaper that ambulance drivers really fear other drivers. Many just freeze, and never get out of the way. Ambulance drivers would love it if people quickly, but safely got out of their way, AND signalled exactly what they were going to do. Be safe people, the ambulance drivers might need to help you some day.

Sceptical Servicing

a glove on a stump on a beach

This morning I left my truck at Wille Dodge for its next servicing. A few minutes ago I got a call from “some dude” (I forget his name) at Victoria Nissan. I said: “Sorry, what was your name?”, and after he repeated it I asked “where do you work?”.

“Some dude” (sounding sceptical) says: “you aren’t the Greg Fox I was just talking to a few minutes ago?” 😕

Nope, sorry, wrong one. I told him that the funny part was that my truck was in for servicing today, and that I was expecting a call, just not from a Nissan dealer 😀

Shotgun Cigarette

grafitti on a doorway in black and white

Last night while walking Yoshi at the park, I was reminded of the really windy walk last week. Then I remembered a strange event that occurred during that walk.

After we left the park, we saw a large line of cars making their way to the dog park. I knew their destination since every single one of the half dozen or so vehicles, had a dog of some sort riding shotgun. It was quite the sight. We continued on, and when Yoshi and I were only a half block from home the strange event occured. During one particularly strong gust I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a strange orange blob, bouncing down the road. I took a closer look. I was really curious, what was thing bright object? As I bent over to examine it, I realized I was staring at a lit cigarette butt.

Just then another gust began to send the butt flying again, so I quickly stomped on it to put it out. Bizzare.

I couldn’t help but think back to the summer and all the forrest fires that BC had. I also remembered Coreman’s post about a moron who carelessly discarded his cigarette during the height of the fire season. Morons abound.