future’s so bright

catchin some zzzI gotta wear shades

I have horrible sleep patterns. I need a quiet relatively dark place to sleep, and once I wake up after 5am, I usually can’t get back to sleep. this time of year kills me.

making the transition to going to sleep in a light room, waking in a light room, and trying to sleep through chirping birds is brutal for me. lately I have also been waking up around 3 am for some weird, unknown to me, reason. to top it off, the dog gets up around 6 wanting breakfast. the cat hears the birds and walks around the bed. what am I to do?

as the week drags on I just get more and more tired and groggy. I can usually recharge on the weekends a bit. this morning I was awoken at 5 am by something, couldn’t get back to sleep, and eventually just got up at 6:15 when Yoshi got up wanting breakfast. I was at work by 7 am!

maybe I should get one of those sleep mask thingy’s and learn to sleep with earplugs in. I dunno. I really just want a solid 8 hour uninterrupted slumber. ahhhh, now that would be refreshing.

unrealistic expectations

a tree by the beachwhy do I do this to myself?

should I be able to pick up where I left off?

just because I used to be good at something doesn’t mean I will still be good at it months later.

I set unrealistic expectations, then get disappointed when I don’t meet them

case in point: I went for my first run of the season this past Sunday. My goal was to run for 20 minutes. 5 minutes in I felt good so I raised the bar to 30. After 15 minutes I had to start walking because I ran out of juice.

I do this with many things. I set the bar too high, then when I fail to reach it, get disappointed. I do tend to try and learn from mistakes, but until recently I never realized this one.

baby steps. start slow, build up, realize a realistic goal, then raise the bar and repeat. sometimes the first step is the hardest.

don’t get me wrong though, I am not down on myself, I am just expressing one of my shortcomings. this is a realization of self improvement to come

I hate broken toys

my broken cell phoneLast night while walking to my truck, my cell phone rang. I went to answer by opening the flip part, but slipped, and it slammed shut again. I missed the call, but when I opened the phone to check the caller id, the screen was all messed up.

I thought:” Self, this doesn’t look right”. Text was all in weird areas. There were parts of boxes drawn in random places. It was messed up. So I did what every self respectin gadget guy would do. I power cycled the unit. When the power came back, the screen was still messed up. I did the next logical thing. I removed the battery. Now when I turned it on the screen was blank!

Hmm this is not good. The phone still “works” just fine, but the displays are completely blank. I can place and receive calls, and presumably do other stuff on the phone, but I can’t really see what I am doing.

So I jumped onto the internet looking for an LG service center near me. After jumping from Lg.ca to Lgservice.com to some Canada specific area of Lgservice.com, I found a listing for Service Centers. I typed in my postal code, and the first listing was Gwyn’s Cellular Service.

I dialed the number, and someone answered with “Hello”. I was dumbfounded. Most businesses answer with the business name even after hours. I asked if this was Gwyn’s Cellular Service. The guy answered that I was talking to Gwyn of Gwyn’s Cellular Service. OK, I thought, I just started asking my questions. At the end he asked where I got the number. I told him that I got it off the LG website. He mentioned something about that being interesting and that he will have to get that fixed.

Woops, I can only assume that I got his home number or something.

Oh well. I guess this means I will be heading down there today to hand off my phone to be sent away to get fixed.

Dumb Door Jam

So I forgot my lunch at home today. I ended up having to go home and get it. On the way I decided to pick up some more smokies for lunch in Thursday and Friday. I pull into the lot at the WestSide Village, and head for the Save On Foods. They have those automagically opening doors (these ones swing in). These ones lost their magic. They opened part way then stopped. I almost walked into them. Luckily I got my hands up in time and pushed them open. Weird.

LOTD – Public charging

Someone has come up with the idea of having public cell phone charging stations. I can’t help but think this is stupid. Hey my cell phone is getting low. Let’s hang out for ten minutes at this little stand in the mall while my phone charges. For me, my cell just isn’t worth the same as it is to some others. Now, put these in hotel rooms, and I can see them a little more useful.

Anyway, another invention I will probably never use in my lifetime.

The anti-chick night

I like hockey Saturday night I had some guys over to watch the Canucks game, then we watched part of the LA vs. Montreal game. We drank beer, ate wings and pizza, watched hockey, then watched Signs

The games were good, but the movie wasn’t. Unlike IMDB I didn’t find the moive entertaining. I found it slow, and the characters were very flat, unemotional, and unbelievable. Mel Gibson looked like he was sleepwalking through the entire movie. Oh well. If someone offers to lend it too you for a night, don’t say no. The DVD extra with M. Night Shyamalan’s “first alien movie” is actually pretty funny.

Wacky weather day.

Nice dropLet’s see, last night as I climbed into bed, it started to pour rain. That lasted all of 15 minutes. This morning, my truck was an ice cube. The rain was frozen, and I had to chisel it off the windows. The sun was out though.

A few blocks from work I rounded a corner, and nearly burned out my retinas staring into the sun glaring off the road. I grabbed the closest pair of sunglasses that had been in the truck all night. Boom, instant fog. At least there searing pain stopped and I could see where I was driving.

Just a few minutes ago it started to snow. Well, it wasn’t really snow insomuch as it was tiny snowballs. They rolled off awnings, and bounced off cars, but they weren’t as hard as hail. Now? Not sure, but you can check it out for yourself here.